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The Body Shop VIP Event:

The week before last, when the sun was still shining (remember that?!) I was lucky enough to be invited to a VIP event at the Reading branch of the Body Shop to learn all about their new Banana range and some of their other products. The Body Shop is genuinely my favourite shop for toiletries: all my skincare and shower products are from there (and some of my makeup!) as I love their diverse ranges and their ethical approach. They're always a really affordable price point too (and always have loads of promotions on!) so it's my first stop for pretty much everything. 
I was really intrigued about the new banana range as it's not a scent I would naturally gravitate towards; I prefer more subtle scents like Shea but I was so pleasantly surprised! The banana range basically smells like those foam banana sweets (anyone else remember those?) so is incredibly sweet. I think if you went head to toe in all the products it might get slightly overwhelming but I can imagine the scent r…

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