Flu-ey Thursdays

Hello again!
My meal yesterday was lovely, so nice to see my two best friends! We went for a carvery and all ate our body weights in roast potatoes.. perfect!
However, today I have woken up with a terrible cold :( so I am having a duvet on the sofa watching TV day and mentally spending Tuesday's pay check online!

So far my wish list consist's of:
1). American Apparel leggings! I've been considering a pair of these for a while but didn't know if £30 was just too much to spend on leggings. however, i've heard good things about them  i've decided to invest! However i'm unsure about which colour to get....

These colours (from top left) are 'Cobalt Blue', 'Dark Olive' and 'Chino'.
I think my current favourite is probably the dark Olive, as they are metallic and look so nice! 

2). Nail Polishes in 'Hidden Treasure' (£5) and 'Ice Crush'. (£6) (Topshop.com)
Since I have been growing my nails after biting them for as long as I can remember (It can be done, I promise!) now that I have started growing them, I have become obsessed with nail varnishes! So I have narrowed my wish list to these two as I love metallic, sparkly and generally bright nails!

3). L'Oreal Mythic Oil (£9) Boots. (Note, this was online, I am not sure if there's any deals etc. in store!)
 If i'm honest, my plan to buy this oil is purely because it seems to be somewhat of a 'craze' at the minute and i'm a sucker for a fad! Plus it promises to make hair 'shiny and supple' which, with frizzy out of control hair like mine, can only be a good thing! I will blog the results after I have bought and tried the oil next week :)

4). MAC Lipstick. (£14) maccosmetics.co.uk
Another thing I have decided to treat myself too, but don't tell Kate Moss... 

I treated myself to a somewhat impulse buy of  the Kate Moss/Rimmell Lipstick last october (£6 at Boots) in the BRIGHTEST red shade. However, true to an impluse buy, i've hardly worn it, preferring lighter pinks/ glosses.

My mum has had this MAC lipstick for 2 years, since her wedding when I bought it for her as a present. I much prefer the feel, texture and staying power of the MAC lipstick than the Rimmel one (you get what you pay for in cosmetics!) 

however the BRIGHT pink shade is a bit 'much' for me everyday, plus my mum does NOT like to share for beloved MAC lipstick!! So I am definitely wanting to invest in my own in a much softer, wearable shade! There are 130+ shades of MAC lipsticks though so it may take me some time to find a favourite!

So that's my wish list so far.. i'm sure I will end up buying so much more...! 
One thing I will NOT be investing in is a pair of KITTEN HEELED BOOTSI spotted on Topshop.com earier today. I personally believe that kitten heels should be left in the early 00's where they belong! Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely day feeling healthier than me and drinking nicer things than Lemsip..yuck! How I wish someone would invent a cold preventing drink that tastes like a cosmopolitan!

G xxx


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