If I was a rich girl...

Today i've been feeling sorry for myself. Boo. :( I don't often allow myself to mope and be wistful because I prefer to be proactive and go out and get what I want, not just dream about it. 

However today I have seen TWO expensive dresses I am seriously lusting over:

The First one is a Miss Selfridge leotard style with a sheer maxi skirt over it in the most beautiful coral/salmon/pink colour. I saw this online and am seriously considering investing in it next payday. I usually prefer dark/metallic dresses but I have seriously fallen for this one!

The second one is this Topshop sequinned shirt dress. I saw this dress in store and loved it then- it fufills my love of all things sparkly while still being, potentailly, quite casual! I just know this is one of those dresses that won't suit me though as I am an hourglass shape so the baggy 'shirt' style but I still can't help adoring it!

I found both of these dresses on the app's for the stores (Miss Selfridge and Topshop) which I LOVE. I also have the River Island and Ebay app and spend so much of my time 'window shopping' on them!

I was admiring my dream bag online (A Mulberry Bayswater in, Oak Natural Leather, naturally) which something I only indulge in once a month as a special treat, as well as admiring a Facebook friends holiday photos so began to feel very fed up, frustrated and very poor!

However yesterday I did some baking to cheer myself up. Much like the wonderful Dr. Izzie Stevens in my favourite program, Grey's Anatomy, I bake whenever I feel angry/sad/emotional and yesterday made some butterfly buns! Or 'bunfly' buns as my (less than) hilarious daddy prefers to call them.

Making buns (or 'cupcakes' as non northern people may refer to them) is super duper easy. However I was surprised that some people didn't know! So here's another step by step guide by me!

How to make Cup cakes in 10 easy steps!:

1). Preheat your oven to 180'c. 

2). Measure out 4oz of butter (margarine works fine too) and pour into your mixing bowl.

3). Measure out 4oz. of sugar (my recipe book says caster sugar but i've been using normal sugar for years and never killed anyone/effected the taste so don't worry about your sugar type)

4). Mix the butter/sugar combo until it becomes like a soft paste. I personally think this is the yummiest part of the mix and ALWAYS have to stop myself eating it all!

5). Next, measure out 4oz. of SELF RAISING flour. If you don't have self raising flour however, you can add baking powder to normal flour and there should be instructions on the back of the packet as to how much etc. :)

6). Crack one egg into your butter/sugar mix and add a part of the flour. Mix/ fold until the egg and the flour are totally mixed in and not visible.

7). Crack another egg into the cake mix and add another part of the flour. Repeat the mixing/folding process.

8). Add the final part of the flour and again, mix until the flour is no longer visible and the mix is smooth and delicious!

9). Using your mixing spoon/ a normal dessert spoon, spoon the mixture into bun cases. Fill the cases about half full (remember they will rise while cooking)! and this mix should be enough for approx. 9 cakes. :)

10). Put the cases into the oven (the middle shelf is the best for ensuring they cook evenly) and cook for 25 mins. Check the cakes and if they are golden brown and bounce back up when you gently push oh them, then they are ready! However, if they have a slightly greasy feel, simply put them back in the oven for 2 minutes at a time until they no longer feel greasy.

And there you go, lovely mini cakes for everyone! This recipe is orignally a 'Victoria Sponge recipe' so if you want to make a cake, simply follow this recipe and inside of bun cakes, put into a greased cake tin! :)

 As I still on illness related home arrest, there isn't much exciting happening in my life that I can blog about, only a lot of strepsils and Jeremy Kyle! But please enjoy this easyy peasssyyy recipe and enjoy decorating them as you wish (I look forward to covering my next batch in edible glitter!) and, of course, enjoy eating them... that's the best bit!
Lots of love, 
G xxx


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