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So I have FINALLY started a blog after months/years of stalking the internet, reading other peoples and having a brunette head full of opinions. :-)
I decided to make my first post about BLEACH DIP DYING SHORTS.

This was my finished result! (before and after):

This was how they looked straight after bleaching (still wet!) and after I had unpicked the embroidery on the side.

These were the shorts during dying:

I couldn't afford a pair of dip dyed shorts from places like TOPSHOP/RIVER ISLAND etc (boo). So after researching on the internet, I decided to give it a go myself. This was my first EVER time dying any clothes.. eeek! However they turned out fantastic! I have decided to create my own guide as some of the ones I used weren't v precise/clear... here goes!

-First of all I filled a container with COLD water. (this was the part of I found NO information for online and so took a gamble with) and bleach. 

-My mix was 2 PARTS water and 1 PART bleach e.g., 2 cups of water and then one cup of bleach.

-I carried this on until the container was as full as I wanted it. (see picture). I used 6 cups of water and 3 of bleach for my container.

-I then submerged the shorts into the mix and used a ruler to spread the bleach, soak the shorts, etc.

-I checked on the shorts every 10 MINUTES

- I left the shorts soaking for 45 MINUTES (another thing I couldn't find on-line so I took a gamble)

-I then took the shorts out the container and scrubbed the edge of the dyed part into the non dyed part to make the dip dye look more natural and even.

-I then dunked the shorts into a bucket of cold water. (JUST WATER) to rinse off some of the bleach.

-Then, I dunked the shorts into another bucket that contained a mix of 2 PARTS WATER and 1 PART WHITE VINEGAR (this is the stop the bleaching process and is essential or the shorts will fall apart!) I used my ruler to move the shorts around in the mix for about 1 MINUTE.
(note, I used separate buckets for the plain water/ vinegar mix but you could simply add the vinegar to the plain water if that's easier for you :-) )

-I then hung my shorts on the washing line to dry. I was going to allow them to dry naturally this way, but it rained (what else?!)

-So, instead, I put them on a COLD WASH in my washing machine when they were still damp. 

-I then left my shorts to dry and ta-dah! Dip dye!

Also, I got my mum to cut my shorts and I frayed the edges by unpicking the threads and using sandpaper to 'rough em up'! 

Easy-peasy! I hope my simple guide can left anyone that's tempted to DIY dip dye!It's a cheap, easy great way to stay on trend and still have money for new nail polishes! I can't wait to wear mine :-)

G xx


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