Hello everyone! Today I've decided to blog about my favourite thing in the world. And no, it's not Johnny Depp (though he is a very close second). I am, of course, going to blog about the 90's!
I was born in '94 so although i'm more an early '00's 'kid' i'm so proud to have been born in the 90's! 

My inspiration came from reading an article about Gwen Stefani yesterday (hence my blog title) and her AMAZING style yesterday. I seriously respect anyone that totally does their own thing and wears whatever they want, which Gwen totally does. For example, I was mesmerised by her wedding dress (from 2002) that was DIP DYED/OMBRE... 10 years before this really became a BIG trend. wow. 

Gwen is hardly ever seen without her trademark red lipstick and stomach revealing tops (who can blame her, just LOOK at that those abs!) I also LOVE her hair in this picture, so vintage and gorgeous! I'm determined to create this look at home so i'm planning on researching how on youtube and then maybe blogging a guide if I ever achieve it, though I doubt mine will look as perfect and fabulous as Gwen's!

Another vintage themed outfit. Fishnets with a prom dress? Oh my god I just love it. Gwen's look is so copied and channelled by other people but no-one will EVER quite have the same quirky way of mixing their style up, so inspirational. 

Although I admire Gwen for her style, it's just not quite my look. My biggest 90's style inspiration, who's wardrobe I still covet is definitely Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston's character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

I've been a big fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S for years and I wholeheartedly blame Jennifer's stylists for my shopoholic tenancies. Her look was just so cute, on trend and sophisticated! She could equally rock a cocktail dress and dungaree's, what an icon. 

Just LOOK at those dungaree's! How can she wear those and still look fabulous?!

Also, like every other female on the planet, I ADORE Jennifer's/Rachels hair and the effect it had on her style. Bobbed Rachel was more casual whereas long haired Rachel was much more glamorous. Plus those waves she had? Totally still my hair inspiration, 8 years after F.R.I.E.N.D.S ended.

(note, as you've probably gathered by my serous girl crush, i'm totally TEAM JEN.Angelina might be pretty but she's no golden, smiley and gorgeous Aniston. Also I think Jennifer was a much better influence on Brad Pitt, remember when he was blonde and beautiful and tanned? And now he's bearded and just looks... well, old. (sorry Brad :-( )

Another massive impact on my style and a big inspiration is, of course POSH SPICE (aka Victoria Beckham).
When I was spicing up my life I was definitely a Baby Spice fan. I used to love her pigtails and little cute dresses (I was a little girl, ok? they were cool!)
However, now I have grown up and grown out of love with pigtails (thank goodness) I totally admire Posh's style. It is a fashion FACT that you cannot go wrong with an LBD  (little black dress). (Or a LBD (little bronze dress) as in this picture...)

Rocking the LBD! (little black dress). I admire Posh's style because even through the slightly questionable 90's style (please see Mel B's interesting green ensemble in the last picture...) she dressed in a simple way that remains classic.

Outside of the 90's, I also LOVE(D) Victoria's wedding dress, custom made by Vera Wang, the dress is beautiful, of course. Much like Victoria's everyday style, it is classic and glamorous, an inspiration to thousands of dresses not just then, but even now years after Victoria wore hers. Although the hair and bouquet and definitely VERY 90's. I much prefer Victoria's 2012 long soft waves.

And Victoria now! Even after all these years, Victoria is still a serious style icon. Even more so, arguably, then she was in her Spice heyday, as she now has her own hugely successfully fashion line as well as amazing hair and the CUTEST most best dressed and cuddliest little girl (Harper Seven) in the world!

I decided to blog about the 90's due to respect of Gwen and her totally individual style but the news that the Spice Girls will be reuniting for a gig at the Olympic's closing ceremony, plus near constant rumours of a F.R.I.E.N.D.S movie only fuels my reminiscing. I wonder what Baby, Sporty, Scary, Ginger and (most importantly) Posh spice will wear? I wonder how 8 years in Paris would influence Rachel Green's style? 
A girl can only dream and imagine I guess!
Have a good day lovelies, 
G xxx 


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