LUSH times.

Hello again! Hope everyone is ok and enjoying the sunshine, anything that means summer dresses and an excuse to eat too much ice cream suits me!

I enjoyed the sun in my Topshop dress (£24)

And wore it to go out last night along with my black wedges (£19.99 Garage Shoes) and my turquoise quilted bag (£6 Topshop Sale)

and through the day, I wore my dip dyed shorts! (Home made, see first blog to find out how I made them :-) ), Cross detail tshirt (Primark £6) and gold sandals (Topshop £30) as well as my light brown/cream over sized handbag (£23 accessorize note: I bought this bag duty free at Gatwick airport so prices will vary)

'That is lush!':
For the main feature of my blog today, I thought I would talk about my love of 'lush'. The company is just amazing. They use fresh, natural ingredients to create products that don't just smell amazing, they are also AMAZING at doing their job!

My no. 1 lush product is definitely 'OCEAN SALT' a facial scrub. I was introduced to this scrub by an assistant at my local lush store after I told her my skin type and what I was looking for etc. She gave me a tester pot to try it out, and it is now my number one skin essential!  
I'm very lucky with my skin, with it mostly being calm and clear although it is prone to becoming oily occasionally.

The scrub has grains of salt in (the only downside of the scrub is getting these grains in your mouth, ew!) and a mix of vodka soaked lime and lots of other yummy, natural and hardworking ingredients. It looks like this: a greeny/white paste that smells fresh and very similar to the seaside!

I was lucky enough to be treated to the larger pot of Ocean Salt as a birthday present. (£12.95 for 250g or £6.95 for 100g)
I also use it as an exfoliator for the rest of my body, especially my arms.
I have suffered from 'Keratosis Pilaris' since I was about 10. It's a skin condition which creates small, white/reddy spots on the body, such as the top of the arms of the legs. I have suffered from it on the tops of my arms and always been very self conscious of it. :-( 
HOWEVER, I have used the scrub on my arms and saw a noticeable difference within 2 weeks. After 3 months, all of the reddness and the white heads in the spots has now gone so I CANNOT RECCOMEND THIS PRODUCT ENOUGH if you also suffer! Nothing else EVER worked for me so this has been a god-send!

I also own 'Dark Angels', a daily cleanser. I bought Dark Angels before Ocean Salt to help my slightly oily skin. Dark angels is also brilliant for skin prone to break outs- I used it on my boyfriend's skin and it cleared up his spots straight away! It is also a soothing face wash to use daily- Ocean Salt can be harsh on my skin if I use it daily so I differentiate between the two.

Dark Angels- Lush. (£6.25 for 100g)

The cleanser is a thick black crumbly paste and very unusual! It's not the most asthetically pleasing of all of Lush's glittery, colouring and sparkly products, but it is one of the most hardworking!

Finally, my favourite soap- 'Rockstar' by Lush (£3.40- 100g, £8.50- 250g, £17-500g) 
 This soap smells AMAZING. It is literally my favourite smell in the world, the soap is mostly vanilla and very sweet, although not unbearable. A review on the lush website of this soap says they think it smells like 'vanilla and candy' which I totally agree with! It also differs from normal soaps as it is very moisturising instead of drying my skin out!

I have also tried a range of bath bombs, melts and bars as any dedicated Lush lover has! However I just decided to blog about my three favourites- my desert island essentials! Hope you all love Lush and their gorgeous cosmetics as much as I do! 

P.s., big hello to anyone reading from Germany, America, Russia and anywhere else.. I think it's amazing my ramblings are going global! 
Have a lovely day,
G xxx


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