monday night dilemma!

So monday night is student night in the city I live in. I have been unexpectadly asked to go out and now DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR! arghhh. I usually like having at least a week to plan an outfit... or even a day!

However, I have narrowed my choices down to these three outfits:

My current favourite is either the navy blue dress (very old topshop sale bargain!) or my wet look leggings (topshop, £18) and my fabulous new gold chain effect oversized tee (H&M, £19.99).
Both will be with my blue suede topshop shoes (£78) and either my leopard print clutch (George @ ASDA £6) or my vintage bronze clutch (ebay bargain at £6) as well as my usual array of topshop/river island rings, necklaces and earrings!

I will also work my natural curls with the help of my straighteners (Lee Stafford ones, £20 in a christmas sale 2 years ago), hairspray (my personal favourite is ASDA's own) and my FAVOURITE gel (VO5 extreme style surf style) available from any supermarket:

And luckily, I literally JUST painted my fingers and toes (i'm a sucker for matching nails!) my favourite colour- celestial blue (topshop £5) and added a top coat of Mary-Kate and Ashley glitter polish (about 10 years old so probably not available anymore) so at least my hands and feet look cute!

Not bad for only half an hours planning I think!
Depending on whether I actually do end up hitting the town (I am yet to ask the parents...!) I'll blog the results and my decision tomorrow!

G xxx


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