Saturday night dance I like the way you move, pretty baby

On Friday I managed a quick shopping trip with a terrible cold and £9 to my name... I was feeling optimistic! I'm not usually a primark fan but I had such a low budget I figured it was worth a visit and I was VERY pleasantly surprised! I tried about 6 things on, including a suede navy blazer that was reduced to £10! But they didn't have my size so i ended up just getting a new top: 

£6 Primark. The crosses on this top are made from brown beads which look gorgeous and make the top look a lot more expensive than it actually was! 

For my shopping trip I kept my outfit very casual and comfortable since I didn't feel 100% and was heading straight to work after!

I'm wearing my trusty wet look leggings (Topshop £18), necklace (£4 Topshop) as well as my navy low top Converse (£45 schuch) and a gold knitted top I borrowed from my mum (George @ ASDA £10)

I also teamed my outfit with my favourite oversized scarf (£6 Primark) and this is a close up of the leopard/skull print pattern. 

And, of course, no outfit is complete without a hand full of rings...! Mine are a mix of Topshop, River Island and Accessorize :-)

Today, as the weather was warm (apparently...) I dressed more summery. I wore my new top with my Topshop leggings (Topshop £12), Denim Jacket (£12 childs section @ ASDA), sandals (Topshop £28) and my favouriteeee brown fringed bag which I bought from a charity shop but has a 'next' label in it. 


Also in todays blog I figured i'd try and blog about something actually productive and helpful (ish) instead of just my outfits! 

Anyone that knows me knows that i'm literally OBSESSED with eyebrows. I think they're the defining feature of a persons face and should be cared for and perfect! I've been colouring my eyebrows in for about 2 years and think i've just about perfected them! 

First I use Benefits BROW ZINGS (£22.50 Debenhams). anyone that knows me also knows I am a BIG fan of benefit cosmetics! I genuinely believe that you get what you pay for in cosmetics so am willing to pay more for better! I basically draw around my eyebrow and create a shape with the light brown powder. I like to think I don't draw my eyebrows on, mine are just enhanced on my natural shape :-)

I then further enhance my brows with the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit (£24.50 Debenhams) I used to use the black powder in the Smokin' Eyes kit (£28.50 Debenhams) but found the shade too dark so moved to the dark brown powder (furtherest right in the kit) in BBE which delievers a gorgeous dark brown shade and is fantastic at doing its day job- making my eyes look huuuge! The thin end of the brush is also perfect for perfecting eyebrows and I swear by them!

I know these products are expensive, but they are SO worth it. I would recommend them to anyone wanting strong but natural looking eyebrows that DON'T (so far in two years) melt off in heat or rain and are VERY stubborn in water!

My finished eyebrows! Note: these were applied at 10 o clock this morning and these pictures were taken at half past 11 at night. LONG LASTING. 

I am optimistic that one day, most likely when I hopefully head off to uni and can't afford food never mind expensive cosmetics, that I'll find a cheaper alternative to my benefit eyebrow kit. However I can't help think that as the kits last forever, are great quality and make my favourite facial feature look fantastic, i'll probably always keep them as my must haves! Anyway, enough ramblings from me, hope you all have lovely weekends!
G xxx


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