Bank Holiday Weekend Fever!

Now, the title of today's blog may suggest i've had a really exciting/ fun bank holiday... this would be an incorrect assumption. :(
I recently was randomly chosen to fill in a travel summary where for a week I write down where I go and how etc. My travel diary is just going to/from work. Seriously. I'm just thinking of payday and freshers though!

After work (again!) on Friday, the start of the five day work extravaganza (don't judge me for calling it an extravaganza, it's been a long BHW) I was seriously bored and my nails were in need of some TLC!
I painted my nails blue and added some cute black polka dots :) 
However, I didn't do this the usual way so take note.... 

I first painted my nails with my favourite nail polish Celestial (Topshop £5) which is a lovely bright blue, I always get so many compliments when I wear it!


The best thing about this nail polish, and all of Topshop polishes, is that they actually look EXACTLY like they do in the bottle! Not like some (ahem Rimmell 60 second....) which are apparently 'Coral' and then are BRIGHT DARK PINK on! (i'm still emotionally scarred from that particular incident..)

Finally, to add the dots I simply dotted some liquid eyeliner on. I was just experimenting whehn I tried this and totally didn't expect it to work, but it did! Also, because I have a 'felt tip' style eyeliner it might I could be more precise. I don't know if this is some well known trick everyone else in the beauty world is in on but I was amazed! The eyeliner then fades and comes off after about two days or can be removed by quickly swiping nail polish remover across your fingers if you want to keep the colour but not the dots :)  Amazing!

 And yesterday was my daddy's birthday, we went shopping for some sunglasses for his present (and for a BEAUTIFUL fry up- thank you Frankie and Benny's!) and I was then going to work before meeting them after work for an evening spent at the pub so I kept my outfit casual! 
I wore my new faveeeee dip hemmed skirt (River Island £22) (too muggy-warm for leggings/jeans, too cold for shorts, go figure!) with my also favourite leopard print silk effect top (Topshop £20) tucked in and my trusty gold sandals! 

And a close up of my top. I LOVE this top, seriously! It was reduced a while ago in topshop from £30 to £20 and goes so well with pretty much all my wardrobe, as well as being perfect for layering up. I love it!

And on saturday me and my mummy went and bought me all my university stuff! My living room has now been taken over by pot noodles, plates and a clothes horse... however, I also got what I consider a 'uni essential'.. A new coat! I've been lusting over a parka for the past couple of years however I just haven't been able to afford one :( But Matalan has the perfect solution!

Parka- £32 Matalan.

My favourite thing about this parka is the fact it is FUR LINED. I know. Fur lined for under £35. I have seen a one similar in River Island that was £95! So this is such a bargain!

The fur detail. Is it wrong i'm actually quite excited about winter so I can get snuggled into my new coat?

Even the hood is furry!

And the coat on! The coat is the perfect length on me even though I am a shorty (% ft 3') and is a bit long on the arms as you can see in this photo, but I like that!

And zipped up. mmm, comfy.

And with the hood up! I am seriously in love with this amazingly comfy coat!

So that's all from me! I'm going to go back to eating and working (tonight's shift will be 4 out of the BHW 5, bring it on!) hope everyone has had much better weekends than me and has a lovely, if slightly rainy day!
G xxx


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