Spice Up Your Life!

Hello again! So sorry for not blogging in a while, i've had a week of enjoying quality time with my lovely boyfriend and being poorly :(
However today I am feeling much more myself and missing the Olympics already :( Is it too early to be reminiscing last night? Too early to be fan girling over the spice girls and their AMAZING outfits? I don't care. 

First of all, my idol and my inspiration, Victoria Beckham (Aka Posh Spice) hers was the outfit I was most excited about. I had read on twitter she was meeting the amazing British designer Giles Deacon but didn't know if she would wear his/her own design. She wore Giles in the end and looked PHENOMENAL!

(photo courtesy of starcasm.com)
A dip hemmed black dress complete with manolo blahniks? On a black glittery cab? In a word, SENSATIONAL. I can imagine this dress will be copied to death on the high dress and I for one will definitely be buying one of the copies!!

(photo courtesy of thecourt.com)

I also LOVED Mel B's (Scary Spice) detailed glittering all in one, it felt like a much more glamourous version of the one Jessie J wore earlier on. Geri's (Ginger Spice) outfit slightly disspointed me :( expecting a Union Jack dress and getting a Super women costume look a like instead was quite a shock! Emma's (Baby Spice) dress suited for and her persona totally and was very cute/glamourous at once! And Mel C's flared all in one was also v personal although it wasn't my personal taste.

All in all I have ADORED the Olympics. I even got into the spirit myself: 
These false nails were £1 (Primark) and I loved them! I bought them to celebrate Jessica Ennis' amazing win and loved them although, as to expected from £1 false nails, fell off very quickly :(

Also, yesterday to celebrate the end of the Olympics (Boo :( ) I dug out my Union Jack shorts (River Island £30). These shorts are too big for me so I just wore two tops and tucked them for added bulk! I also bought these last year although I have seen pairs the same on eBay :)

A close up of the detail on the front of the shorts.

And the detail on the back!

And for my non Olympic lovers...

I am so sorry for going on about it but it was really something amazing! This is my outfit for student night tonight! American Apparel leggings (Burnt Olive, £30), glittery platform heels (£16 Primark) and black burn out tshirt (Topshop, £10)

I hope everyone did enjoy the Olympics as much as me, if only to see the Spice Girls! And was it only me that was desperate for Noel Gallagher to jump on stage to join his brother Liam in his rendition of 'Wonderwall?' It just wasn't the same without my favourite Gallagher! As much as I enjoyed the aesthetic side of the games though, I also admired all the competitors. There were women from EVERY country in the world, which was the first time that has happened. So inspiring and amazing. I think every country should be proud and I can't wait for Rio 2016, bring on the carnival!

Lots of Love, 
G xxx


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