Stick To Yr Guns

What a week! 
To say I've spent most of it at work earning freshers money (not long now!) it's been amazing! Today I received an email informing me I had been chosen to be a fashion blogger for 'The Waterside Shopping Centre' in Lincoln, which I applied for on a total whim not expecting to hear anything back.. So I'm so happy about it!
So happy in fact I just HAD to blog about it although I should be creating my bio.. it's so difficult to write about myself though!

So after my good news, and my last driving lesson with my my amazing, lovely instructor who i'm so sad to be leaving, I decided to treat myself at work with this amazing peplum top that I've had my eye on for a while!

I've been admiring the peplum trend for a while now but I wasn't sure if it would work with my figure/ my look etc. Also I couldn't find a nice, inexpensive top/ dress... until I saw this one at Matalan!

Black Peplum top- £12 Matalan. 
This top also comes in a deep purple/ raspberry colour and white but I went for failproof black!

And the top on! I LOVE this top, which I paired with these panelled leggings (£10)
 The top is so flattering- I hate my stomach and worried the peplum detail would emphasise it but it doesn't at all, it more skims the stomach and draws attention away! It's also really flattering on my chest (which is so difficult to find where you're bigger like me!) 
The only faults I have with this top are that it's really big fitting! I'm usually an 8-10 and a 32DD bra size, I bought this top in a size 8 (the smallest size available) and it's slightly baggy on the stomach which I thought was so strange! It's also an unusual stretchy material unlike the usual jersey material, but it's thick so ideal for the hideous weather we're currently experiencing!

Also, because for once in my life i'm trying to be sensible and SAVE money instead of spending it on clothes (I feel ill even typing that, i'm so sorry wardrobe xox) I have, of course, seen soo many lovely, amazing clothes that I want! My current wish list is as follows:
- Jeffrey Campbell Lita's.

The most iconic, amazing shoes. I'm seriously lusting after some in distressed brown calf leather. At £120 a pair. Christmas present maybe?

-Camo Jacket.
Since i've been embracing the 90's and i'm a big fan of the whole glamgrungegoth (I made that word up, can you tell?) I feel getting a camo jacket is the next step.. however my boyfriend has promised to buy me sims if i DON'T buy a jacket so I might reconsider..

-Anything galaxy print.
Such a HUGE autumn/winter trend and such a cool print! I have some topshop black milk esque leggings from last year that I can't wait to layer up!

-A huuuuggeeee winter, comfy jumper!
I probably can't afford this, but i'm lusting over a new, cream jumper. I bought one from Primark last winter and it's becoming very well worn! :(

-A nice pair of ankle boots.
Am I asking too much?! I can't find ANY boots I like ANYWHERE! It might have to be a trip to office next payday...

-AND FINALLY. A tshirt dip hemmed dress. 
I am lusting so hard over these dresses! I saw the galaxy print one in this week's copy of 'LOOK' magazine and fell for it, hard. After tracking it down on the New Look website, I then saw this plain black version. I imagine my dreams tonight will be filled with this dress, staement heels and parkas and converse. Such a versatile dress!

New Look- £22.99.
I also think £23 is a really reasonable for a dress! I'm considering going to try it on before work tomorrow and seeing how flattering/ good material it is!

And the original, galaxy print version! £24.99
I just love the quirkiness of this dress, plus could you imagine it with a camo jacket and some cute ankle boots?! A girl can dream....

Hope everyone had as odd, yet brilliant day as me!
G xxx


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