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Hope everyone is well! Last night I did some baking, I made a banana loaf which is essentially a cake mix with two banana's in as well, there are loads of recipes online and it's super duper easy to make and so tasty, definitely worth an attempt!

In today's blog, instead of just talking about food, I thought I'd do a 'guide to..'.
I've spent most of my day looking at autumn trends on-line on sites such as and and noticed a HUGE trend that i'm really liking is 'GOTH'
Now, this doesn't mean we should all run out and dye our hair black and start painting our faces white, get that image of the 90's 'class weirdo' from any film out of your head! It's more grown up, more fashionista. Think post Russell split Katy Perry and the Olsen twins

This is what I personally would wear to create the look:
Dip hemmed skirt (including belt)- River Island £22

Bandeau top- Primark £3
Leather jacket- Miss Selfridge £52 (such a good price for a faux leather jacket!)
Black Studded Shoes- Topshop £28
Oversized Leopard/Skull print scarf- Primark £5
Necklaces: Pendant- Primark £2
                Multi-Chain- Topshop £12.50

This would be the outfit on. I LOVE the layered effect of the jacket and the skirt, I think it's so 90's goth yet still modern!

And without the jacket! I personally wouldn't wear the bandeau top as it reveals the part of me I hate most, but it is ESSENTIAL to show flesh in this look- top/toe black is a bit too hardcore goth and you're simply following a trend remember!

And with the scarf. Again, LOVE the layers with the skirt/scarf. I seriously cannot wait for autumn to wear this combo!

I also teamed the skirt with this Topshop 'burn out' top. (£10) which is such a wardrobe essential and ideal for still showing flesh whilst covering all the torso.

I also teamed the look with these Topshop ombre earrings (£4 *sale*) which fufil the 'glam' part of the look though the earrings are unfortunately far too heavy to wear all day! :(

And the final different top option for the glamgoth look-
a black shirt is an obvious choice. The shirt I am wearing is also sheer with leather look pocket detail (Matalan £14) which suits the trend. I LOVED this combo though it didn't photograph well, it was definitely my favourite look!

So there you go! You can also work the glamgoth look with wetlook leggings (my favourites are Topshop £18 one's which come in normal length, tall and petite so are suitable for everyone! basically, work the sheer look with different fabrics, such as leather, sheer material and cotton and try and incorporate studs in there somewhere- they're still achingly cool! Don't be afraid to mix and match different fabrics but leave most of the colours muted- blacks, silvers, golds and deep purples are definitely the autumn picks!

River Island are definitely my favourite shop for nailing this look- they even have a 'soft goth' look part of their website!:

Hope you all enjoy working your inner goth chic and remember, black lipstick is optional.. i'll personally be rocking my usual bubblegum pink pout for 'contrast'!
G xxx


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