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Cup of tea- Check.
Pack of Quavers- Check
Kings of Leon on iTunes- Check.
Hello late night/early morning blog!

I seem to have turned nocturnal at some point in my holidays and it's doing strange things to me- today's blog (and tomorrow/my next- but i'm not giving anything away!) is going to be, primarily, about BEAUTY.
Don't get me wrong, I love all things beauty, I love make up and nail polishes but i'm a clothes girl at heart so this is new for me! Be gentle...

First of all i'm going to do a review of another Benefit product that has entered my life. I am Benefit's BIGGEST fan, I love literally all their stuff (including my favourite 'Georgia' powder that was bought as a Christmas present for me, for obvious comedy reasons, became a make up bag staple then was discontinued- pleaaaseeee bring it back Benefit!) 
I was actually given 'Stay Don't Stray' by my mum who is also a benefit junkie- she's a huge eyeshadow fan and recommended this after I complained about my eyeshadow/liner/concealer always disappearing!

So, what is it?
Stay Don't Stray is basically a concealer and a base product all in one. You use the dispenser top to squeeze a little bit out, then put on your eye socket and under eye, then apply your make up as normal. The idea is that SDS then keeps this make up in place. Sounds too good to be true....

Does it work?
In a word, yes. I LOVE this product, it's definitely worth an invest if you're an eyeshadow lover! I wear a lot of concealer (due to my insomnia, which results in blogs like this one) and SDS kept one application of concealer on my face for at least 8 hours which is magic! It also kept my grey/pink eye shadow in place although I didn't get a picture of this.

So over all- I would definitely recccomend! The key with this product is to stick with it- the first time I used it I found the texture to be slightly oily and the smell a tad funny, however i've been using it daily for a week now and adore it- I can't imagine life without it! 
Stay Don't Stray is available from Debenhams- at £17.55. That might sound steep but it's totally worth it and Benefit cosmetics are so long lasting it's a great investment!

Another 'beauty' (are nails beauty??) thing i'm into today was actually my biggest bargain...
I called into my local pound shop today for an umbrella as the lovely, unexpected, torrental rain had arrived and me, my best friend and my eyebrows were not happy. However this nail polish caught my eye and I just had to have it!
'Violet'- Chit Chat: £1 @ poundland.

And the very cool packaging!

I was a little disappointed with the actual polish- this is about 3 coats. However I wasn't expecting miracles for £1 and I have got myself a bargain new glitter top coat!

 I then used the polish as a top coat to my favourite electric blue Avon polish, aptly named 'Blue Shock' (Avon catalogue- £5)- Avon are absolutely the queens (and kings!) of nail polishes- there's so much choice and they're such good value and quality! I've had 'Blue Shock' almost 8 months and still recieve compliments everytime I wear it!

Whilst on my beauty buying spree I also got myself some new make up brushes as I desperately needed a new eyeshadow one... however I got home to find my mum had dug me out some spare Benefit ones she had- typical!

The set contains  blusher, foundation, eyeshadow and mascara brushes and they all feel super soft- great bargain!

Finally, I couldn't possibly do a blog without mentioning clothes could I?!
For my fellow fashionista's-
Dress- £15 Topshop.
I didn't buy this dress as it was a little long on my very petite body but I wish I could have- Florals are the perfect clash partner for my current 'goth' look... I could totally see this dress with summer sandals in June or with studded boots/shoes, tights and a leather jacket/parka in winter- take note ladies, pretty floral dresses are not just for summer!

On a more wintery note, I've been looking for a cream jumper since winter fashions came into the shops. I consider cream jumpers an 'essential' and my very well worn primark one from last year is definitely past its best....

New Look- £12.99
No i'm not lying. The jumper really is £12.99 HOWEVER that's because its from the childrens section! At 5'3 I fit easily into age 14-15 and I think it's a huge market with really fashionable and well priced products on offer, definitely worth a look!

The sleeves on the jumper are purposely too long (I hope) for maximum snuggle-ability. Just brilliant.

'Generation' @ New Look- not to be missed!

This as prove, this is the tag from the jumper I tried on. I'm exactly 164cm which, apparently the height of a 14 year old. Either I am as short as I feel or teenagers are getting taller...!

Hope everyone is well and has wonderful days/weeks/months! I move to uni on Sunday and will be packing on Friday (last!) so if I don't blog before- i'm so sorry for being horribly busy but i'll be back next week for sure for freshers blogs! 
And my blog posts for 'The Waterside Shopping Centre' will be available v soon so i'll be posting links to that too- such exciting times!
G xxx


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