I Love College (or University)...

Today has been a weird day for me. I've seen sooo many people's status' and tweets about moving into their university accommodation and I discovered my flatmates last night, as well as beginning to make arrangements to see my friends for the last time.. a combination of these things sent me into a bit of a meltdown today though, which i'm not ashamed to admit!

I'm totally freaking out about being so independent, moving away from my family, leaving my job, my friends and the city i've lived in for 16 years as well as panicking about whether me and my flatmates will get on, if i'll enjoy/succeed on my course and if i'll manage to feed myself/ generally survive. All this, plus the excitement i've got is sending me crazy!

Today I started my organising by deciding which cookbooks I want to take me. I felt so grown up, and it was so difficult to choose for me!

'Congratulations, you're coming to Lincoln with me!'
I'm using post-it notes with 'take'written on, which i'm sticking on anything I want to take to Uni with me. Genius, I know.

My beloved, amazing and established wardrobe will definitely be the last thing i'll be sorting (as well as my 18 bags and 20 pairs of shoes...)
Me and my mummy are planning to sort what i'm taking and leaving *sob* on Friday when she has a day off. I'm dreading trying to decide what to take/leave and the idea of packing my clothes up and leave a bare wardrobe behind is so scary. This is definitely the one job i'm least looking forward too!

My idea of 'essentials'- a sparkly frame with a picture from my 18th birthday in and my favourite candles- Yankee (no more of these when i'm a poor student!)

'Keep calm and go shopping'
This was the first real 'uni' thing I was bought- my mum got me as a present from Morrisons because, in her words, 'its very G'. I can't wait until Payday, when i'll be in Lincoln and i'll be able to explore my new home's shops and live by this mantra!

Also, as I mentioned yesterday, I did some baking today on my day off. I baked marshmallow buns whilst listening to the Youtube playlist of  The Rolling Stones which was the perfect way to de-stress.
Marshmallow buns are super easy- you make a bun/cake mix as normal, then spoon half the mix into the case, add a marshmallow (or two mini ones like I did) then spoon the other half into the case! 
To decorate I used ASDA's pink piping icing, which I was actually quite disappointed with- I used a full tube for these 9 buns and it really hurt my hand squeezing the icing out! And I also used the rest of the mini marshmallows as decorations :)

Close up of my personal favourite bun/mini cake... I used the specially designed nozzle for this and although it took me a while, I think it looks so pretty!

And another with mini marshmallows on as else. Great British Bake Off here I come...

I also 'made myself' on this bun. It's just mandatory to decorate a bun to look like yourself when you're decorating them isn't it?! I think I really captured my inner beauty in this one.... HAHA.

And I also made a banana/choc chip loaf. The banana loaf is fast becoming my signature bake, although I added the choc chips in today for a change and sprinkled some cinnamon on top for added flavour... mmm...

So that's it really, just a very stressed out, panicking and baking obsessed G writing another blog post. Hope everyone has had a fabulous Saturday enjoying the sunshine and hello to anyone reading my blog who lives in another country, I still think it's amazing my blog is global!
G xxx


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