There Is A Light That Never Goes Out..

Happy September everyone! Can you believe it's technically autumn already? This year is flying by, it's insane!

Today me and my mum called at Matalan for some shoes she had seen. However they didn't have them at our store so we went to the bigger Matalan that's about 15 minutes away and had a total success! I saw these adorable brown ankle boots I'd been eyeing up online...

Matalan £18
These boots are so inexpensive and yet such good quality! I'm a real 'quality' fan- I'd rather pay more for long lasting goods so I was ecstatic to get these gorgeous boots so cheap!

And the gold buckle/detail! I love the gold detailing on the end of the strap, it makes the otherwise boring straps look so much more interesting!

These boots are VERY SMALL FITTING THOUGH. I'm a 3 (35.5) -to 4 (37) in absolutely every shoe. Even my wellies, which I bought in size 5 (38) are massively too big on me no matter how many pairs of socks I wear with them! However, I tried the 4's on in these boots and although they fit, I think they would have been tight with socks as well! The 5's are slightly too big for me though so I'm hoping they won't stretch much with wear- a 4.5 would have been ideal for me I think!

And the very sturdy wooden bottom of the shoes. Like I said- amazing quality!

I also treated myself to a new winter hat, to celebrate the start of autumn! Now, after finding one of these at my very own matalan last night and trying it on (and also trying to figure what animal it is- It's an OWL fyi) I knew I wanted this adorable hat!  I have a pink river island rabbit style hat similar to this but love this cute little hat!

Matalan- £3 (kids section)

The absolute oddest thing about this hat is the size... the one I tried on yesterday was aged 5-6 (I put it on as a joke and it actually fitted/looked ok surprisingly!) and today I grabbed the nearest one to me, put it on and although it felt a little large, I got that one as it was Sunday so the store closes early and we were running out of time!
It wasn't until we got in the car and I was proudly looking at my purchases I realised this hat, that was TOO BIG for me is actually aged TWO TO FOUR! I'm not even kidding. and before you start thinking I have some abnormally small head for an 18 year old, I DON'T! I actually have quite a big head, haha! I know boys sizes are bigger than girls but seriously?!

And my new hate on! Yay. I love it, although I do think it looks like a koala!

Also another fabulous bargain my MUM got (stylish mum alert!) is these shoes... They're SO similar to my Topshop studded loafers expect mine are studded all around and are made from a canvas material, not velour. Also, mine were £28 whereas my mums were £10!! :( my mum usually lives in heels but after seeing my loafers wanted a pair for herself.. although she wasn't sure about the full studding detail so these were the perfect alternative!

The shoes! They are a black loafer made from velour-esque material with studding detail on the front. If I didn't have my topshop ones, I would definitely have got these ones!

The stud detail.

So if you are looking for studded loafers VERY similar to Topshop ones (sigh...), owl hats that are meant for toddlers but fit teenagers and an amazing pair of cheap but gorgeous ankle boots, I could advise a trip to your nearest matalan!
Hope everyone has a lovely week and enjoys September, ahhh sounds so scary saying that!
Lots of love,
G xxx



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