Today's blog is going to be another Beauty Review, this one of 'Go Tropicoral' by my favourite beauty brand 'Benefit'!
I was bought this kit by my mum's friend as a leaving present when I went to uni and received this as well as 'Radiant Skin Care- B-Right' which i'll review at a later date.

The Go Tropicoral Kit can be perchased from debenhams for £24.50:

According to its online description- 'Each kit includes and iconic tint, award-winning cheek colour, luscious lip gloss and sext highlighter' (I don't know what a 'sext' highlighter is either... anyone?) and my kit has 'HIGH BEAM' (highlighter) CHA CHA TINT (cheek/lip tint) and CORALISTA lip gloss/cheek colour.

The set also has a handy mirror and tips on the inisde which I thought was such a good feature! A brilliant selling point of benefit is that they give instructions with all sets/kits of how to use them which makes it so much easier to learn and then experiment!

And the colours! Unfortuantly 'Coralista' cheek colour (basically a very light pink) didn't show up in this picture!

Close up of 'Coralista' lipgloss

Close up of 'High Beam' (on the left) and 'Cha Cha Tint' (right)

So, are these products any good?
I have very mixed feelings about this kit so i'll have to break it down for you...

Coralista lipgloss:
 This lipgloss is definitely not a favourite of mine. Although I LOVE the colour- a lovely, rich coral, the lipgloss is FAR TOO THICK and sticky and gloopy... it makes my lips feel horrible so i'm less than keen to wear the gloss daily!
 I definitely wouldn't pay Benefit prices for this lipgloss- the texture is definitely not high quality! I much prefer lip stains/sticks now as well so the thick gloss was a totally abnormal feeling!

Coralista Cheek Colour:
If i'm entirely honest, I'm not actually sure what this product is?!
It's not a blusher but it's not a bronzer... it's somewhere in between which is very unusual. However, that said, I love this product!
It's a lovely, light pink colour that really makes my skin look glowing and healthy without being too 'red cheeked' like blusher makes me, or too 'tanned' as I tend to get with bronzers! This has also come into my life at the perfect moment as I left my beloved Benefit bronzer at home at the weekend so Coralista is my replacement face powder colour!

'High Beam' Highlighter:
I'm a huge fan of High Beam- I actually used to own HB a while ago and so was pleasantly surprised when I opened my kit and saw it!
HB can be used on the brow line for brighter looking eyes, lips for fuller looking lips, or (my personal favourite) on cheeks to make cheekbones look slimmer (or in my case, as though they actually exist!
High Beam is definitely something of a 'miracle product'- it claims to be able to fix all your flaws but unlike most of these products, High Beams claims are true!
Definitely worth an investment if you're a highlighter fan.

And last but not least...

'Cha Cha Tint': Lip and Cheek Tint.

This was the product I was most excited to try when I received the kit.. but did it live up to the hype?
In a word- YES. I absolutely love this product!
I much prefer the 'tint' idea to a creamy lipstick or a thick gloss- I find that glosses/lippies only really sit on top of my lip, just waiting for me to take a drink/have a conversation to get rid of them whereas stains/tints, that stain your lips, are much more long lasting!
I actually prefer tints to stains too- stains, clues in the name, are extremely long lasting... they're up there with waterproof mascara in terms of 'difficult products to remove'! which I find slightly annoying, especially if you're anything like me and change your lip colour all the time!
The tint is basically a neon pink looking liquid that you 'paint' your lips with... the colour IS NOT the colour it appears in the bottle but rather, goes on a lovely dark pink colour... at least it does on my lips- you have to remember that whereas a gloss simply applies a layer of colour OVER  your lips, a tint sinks in more and adapts.
 I've worn this colour every day since I was given the set (last Saturday) and have received compliments for it every day!
Definitely worth an investment for any lip colour lovers out there looking for a gorgeous coral/dark pink shade and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more tints, especially by my favourite brand Benefit!

So over all, I would say the kit is worth getting if you're a fan of two or more of these products.. £24.50 is definitely good value for 4 Benefit products, even if they are only travel sized versions and the packaging is so adorable! Plus I think the sets are a really non-scary way of introducing and experimenting with different products without having to buy the full sized version of the product/spend a lot of money.
I would recommend this product and I can't wait to try more of the kits!

Hope you all have lovely weeks... i've offically started my course which seems to be a year of very hard work... i'm not sure how I feel about that!
But i'm going for a celebratory (celebrating a week and a bit at uni? my first full day? any excuse!) nando's tonight which should be very enjoyable!
G xxx


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