Uni Life

I finally made it! I'm writing this blog from my new room on campus at Lincoln uni! I have a gorgeous view- I'm overlooking the river and I can see the gorgeous cathedral from my window so it's really cute. My flat mates are also all lovely so as much as i'm missing home, a comfy mattress, my family, friends and having someone else to cook for me, i'm trying to stay positive and hopefully my homesickness will pass soon!

My view- especially lovely on sunny days like today!

And the desk area of my room.. to say I only moved in yesterday i'm trying to make it as homely and welcoming as possible!

And time for another beauty review!
I've been searching for a new lipstick for a while and I genuinely think lipstick is the most difficult thing to buy! I've been wanting a really soft, baby pink shade and after spending an hour in superdrug trying on endless lipsticks, none of which looked 'right', I eventually found the perfect colour in my local asda!

Now this is actually a stain with an extra balm but the colour is just gorgeous!
Rimmell- 'A thousand Kisses' in 'Endless Blossom'- £5.99

One side is a 'felt tip pen' style for the actual colour..

And the other side is a 'balm' which goes on over the colour to hold it in place/hold in moisture! I didn't think much of the balm which to me, seemed a bit of a cheap add on just to be a bit 'different'

And the colour on- this shade is perfect- exactly what I wanted! I didn't want a pink that was too bright but I already have a darker pink lipstick so just wanted a nice, everyday colour- which this one definitely is!

And to end with, I just had to share my amazing bargain with you!
Sequin dress- 'Love' @ Topshop £20.
I saw this dress when I really couldn't afford it (of course) and just had to have it! For some reason my local (Wakefield local, not uni local!) Topshop always have 'Love' dresses in their sale that aren't online and they're always amazingly priced- they're on average between £10-£20 which is brilliant for quality dresses!

Close up of the sequins! The sequins do itch a little bit but they're so worth it!

And the 'drape' back detail of the dress. As you can see, the dress is quite low cut but I just wear a bandeau top with mine to cover up my bra!

I also LOVE that this dress is made in Britain! #patriotic!

And the tag- this dress was meant to be £48 and I got it for £20... bargain! Also, this dress is a S/M which is really big fitting but looks nice with a belt!

I'm currently finding being away from home really difficult :( I'm sure i'll get better but being away from my family and friends is so hard! Hope anyone that's gone to uni is also enjoying it and settling in and if you haven't, I still hope you're having a great week, even if it is only monday!
Lots of love,
G xxx


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