Waking Up In Vegas

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is well! Sorry for not blogging in a while- my first week of uni was literally insane and I've just got back from a lovely weekend at home as my home sickness got a little bit too much! However before I went I went exploring the shops in my new home!

I hit Primark first, being the poor student that I am, and stumbled across this jumper!

Jumper- £8 Primark. 

The reason the jumper is so inexpensive (even by Primark standards!) is because I actually got it from the boys section! I love the jumper though- the jersey material is insanely comfy and the aztec pattern is so on trend!

I also bought a basic tee from 'Internationale'- the top was £5 in the sale and I bought it mostly to wear tucked into my dip hemmed skirt/ tucked into jeans. I love that although this top is a casual style, the metallic colour gives it a slight edge!


And finally, another Primark buy!

I absolutely love cute animal prints (both leopard prints and literal animals!) and I absolutely love shirts (always a  wardrobe classic and the perfect dress up/down option!)

Shirt- £12 + Vest £2- Primark.
I LOVE this shirt for its adorable pattern and its amazing on trend studded collar! Also, the price was just too good to turn down! The shirt has a koala pattern on it and I recieved so many compliments when I wore it!

Close up of the Koala! I love this print on the shirt, and the shirt itself, so much, i'm seriously hoping Primark will be doing more bargains like this throughout the winter! 

And a close up of the studs! I love the studding because it makes the otherwise quite safe and cute shirt really on trend and a bit tough! Who ever knew koala's could be so fashionable??

I wore my shirt (with vest under) for a uni visit to Lincoln Castle in the torrental rain with my Levi Shorts (eBay), parka (see previous blogs) and tights, socks and Converse. The look was perfect at keeping me snug yet fashionable on a budget!

I'll be going back to beauty reviews in my next blog (Lush Rockstar soap and B-Right Benefit face care kit!) which I will hopefully post tomorrow. However a long day of looking after my niece and travelling back to Lincoln on the country's delightful *ahem* railways has left me exhausted and ready for a shower in my new power shower (thank you Lincoln maintanance man!) and a good nights sleep ready for my first proper lecture which is tomorrow, how exciting!

I've also spent a lot of my weekend on App's for clothes stores as I left my laptop in Lincoln when I went home and HAVE to mention how amazing the Zara App is! It's definitely taking over from Topshop as my favourite clothes related app and even if you are not a Zara fan as such (like me) it's still well worth a download just to admire the ease of browsing! River Island and Miss Selfridge- take note!

Hope you all have lovely weeks that aren't too effected by the on set of Winter that seems to have appeared..! :(
G xxx


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