What a Life!

Hello everyone! 
Hope everyone is well and has had lovely weeks, like mine! 

My boyfriend came to stay this week- as we have a long distance relationship don't get to see each other much so any time together is very cherished. 
On Wednesday I took Samuel to York, my birthplace and favourite city in the world (I think, i'll get back to you on that when I eventually go to Paris!)

Because the weather was so nice we walked around the bar walls and then went to Cliffords Tower. Although we didn't go into the tower, we did climb to the top of the INSANELY steep steps.. as a heightaphobic, this was the first time i'd got to the top so I was very proud of myself!

Cliffords Tower.
Who needs a professional camera?! Me and my iphone got this snap! Ps, please, again, note how steep those steps are!

Also, as much as I adore York for the historical aspects, I'm a York born girl and a shopoholic. This, for me, means the tourist attractions are things i've seen and done and million times before on our frequent day trips to York to see family.
 Plus the gorgeous city centre with all those shops is just irresistible every time! 

My boyfriend wanted to go into Zara as he's a fan of their gorgeous mens clothes, however I insisted on a wander around the women's section first and fell in love.....

Boots- Zara £119

These boots are INCREDIBLE. To say i've fallen in love with them is an understatement. I wore them for about half an hour before my patient/very bemused boyfriend insisted I take them off. 
The boots are soooo intricately detailed with studs and gold detailing and beautiful patterning. However they are so out of my price range :( 
I'm definitely considering saving for them though as they've stolen my heart!

And another close up of the boots. *sigh*. I want these boots! 

I also treated myself to a new phone case whilst on my shopping trip in York. 
Gold patterned case- River Island £8
I love this case! I've always had see through/plain cases for my iphone 4 but I loved the gold pattern and the orange (see right hand picture) colour of this one! Plus the case comes with a free screen protector for a reasonable price, bargain!

On a slightly unrelated (but never the less important) note I was given some new foundation this week- my mum was given this tester at a work conference and gave it to me as she doesnt use foundation. I was dubious at first as the colour is darker than my normal shades, but after experimenting I was pleasantly surprised!

The foundation is really light but covers well and doesn't dissapear within about an hour, which is a problem I have with my lush colour suppliment, but doesn't look too thick, heavy and badly blended in like Rimmell's 25 hour foundation.
I love this foundation! 

(Note, I couldn't find this foundation online but i've seen in it store so it should be in store... it had better be anyway, I only have this one tester bottle and i'm now a huge fan!)

Finally, to round up my week of lusting over things I can't afford (being a poor student is BORING!) today I went into town before work. I couldn't find the dip hemmed tshirt dress from New York i've been admiring, so naturally I just had to look in my favourite shop (River Island) to see if they had any life saving alternatives. Which they do, as always!

(over sized tshirt dress, River Island- £30)
I didn't actually buy this dress but I love it! I loved the baggy, slightly shapeless style without a belt (for those 'fat' days!) and I loved the dress with a belt (although I had to use my bag handle in this photo, haha!) for a really relaxed/easily dressed up easy outifit, another contender for my payday dollar, especially as i'll be needing additions to my uni wardrobe!

Hope everyone has a wonderful night/day.. i'll probably be doing some baking on my day off tomorrow (such a thrilling life!) so i'll probably be blogging some easy recipes/yummy pics in the next few days!
G xxx


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