Shopping Haul!

Hello everyone! Sorry for neglecting my blog recently- i've had a mad few weeks at uni with all the work, lectures and homesickness!
However i'm back and since I had a spare hour until I have to get a train to Birmingham to see my wonderful boyfriend, I thought i'd share my most recent buys with you all...
For anyone that hasn't noticed, winter is definitely fast approaching. boo. :( But on the bright side, it means an excuse to go shopping to top up my winter wardrobe!

Knitted vest top- Topshop £15.
I've had my eye on this top for a while as I love the totally on trend berry colour and the faint aztec pattern that makes it a little bit unusual. My local shopping centre, The Waterside, recently had a student lockin which meant I got 20% off in topshop so I had to treat myself!
The top is a perfect 'casual' item that looks lovely with jeans and topshop also do it in an amazing navy colour!

Close up of the pattern/texture/colour!

I bought the t-shirt in a size 12 as that was the only size left but it isn't too baggy!

Also from topshop during the lock in, I finally got a tshirt dress! This is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to my wardrobe in a long time!
Oversized T-shirt- Topshop £14.
The 'dress' is meant to just be an oversized t shirt but due to my extreme petite ness, it is long enough to be a dress on me! I've simply added a pair of gold shorts underneath (just in case!) for a simple, casual outfit.
I also think £14 is an AMAZING price for such a good quality item! I can definitely see this item getting a lot of wear over the winter as the perfect layering essential- I can wear it as a dress or over leggings due to the plain-ness of the tshirt.

 The dress is very true to size- a S/M is over sized without drowning me and goes past my bum! 

Also earlier on it the week, I called into River Island as they had 20% off (I love being a student!) and although nothing caught my eye in the women's section, I saw this shirt in the men's section and loved it!
I did originally buy this shirt for my boyfriend as a christmas present but I have being sneakily wearing it tucked into my shorts!   

Close up of the aztec/checked pattern which I think makes the shirt look so different and unique! 

'Nordic tribe'
With 20% off I got this shirt for £28 which for a river island shirt, is definitely a bargain!

Finally I have some BIG BIG BIG news....
You may have seen in a past blog I bought some winter boots, however I then decided I didn't like them etc etc etc. so since I have been searching endlessly for some winter boots! I knew I wanted some chelsea boots with a slight heel but could I find any I liked?? No I couldn't.
Until I hit the Office sale!
Boots- Office £35 (down from £80)
I literally COULD NOT be happier about these boots! They're a gorgeous dark brown/red colour which is a nice change from the usual black and they're a wonderful suede/leather material. 

Office have some amazing boots in their sale so it's definitely worth a look online or in your local store for a bargain!

Finally, for when winter really kicks in..
I definitely have my eye on this amazing cream/brown fur coat from Topshop £98) however I definitely can't afford it! I also already own a light brown fur coat however mine is a short one and I just love how comfy this one looks! It may be one for my christmas wish list!

So that's it from me! I'm still definitely struggling with university and i'm not sure if its the right life choice/ course for me but I believe that everything happens for a reason so i'll find myself eventually! I also worked for the Waterside Shopping centre's facebook page during the recent student lockin which was an amazing experience, i'll probably be posting links soon!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
G xxxx


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