Weekends in Birmingham..

Hello again!
I'm FINALLY back after a hiatus... basically, I dropped out of university and so i've been dealing with the aftermath of that decision.... it's basically been v difficult and i'm currently attempting to write a personal statement.. AGAIN!! Sooooo much drama! I've also been working like CRAY-ZEEEE due to the holidays that are coming!
Anyway, I spent the weekend with my wonderful boyfriend in Birmingham (his university city!) so thought that would be an ideal blogging topic.

I arrived at New Street Train Station at about 11. Admittedly, New Street isn't my favourite train station in the world... The actual station reminds me of an airport with its range of shops and cafes etc (which I love) but the platforms are way too 'London Tube' style for my liking!

However, the best part of the station is that it opens out straight into The Bullring, Birmingham's biggest shopping centre! This means I get off a train, walk for literally about 2 minutes and then i'm in Topshop. AMAZING.

View of the iconic (and really cool) Bull ring from a gorgeous, if slightly crowded Starbucks. The day was beyond miserable, hence the umbrellas! But hitting the shops definitely helped any S.A.D! :)

We also hit the German Market which was huge! I'm sure on a nicer evening it would have been lovely and romantic but in reality, it was raining, I was cold, there were people everywhere and I had seriously achey feet thanks to my gorgeous, but not very practical, heeled chelsea boots! However I did still enjoy our wander! 

Birmingham's HUGE Christmas tree! 

The gorgeous market and christmas lights :)

Also, on a side note to any foodies- we had a nando's whilst on our day trip. I had my usual (lemon and herb chicken pitta extra cheese with chips please) with nando's amazing classic salad dressing. 
Seriously, does anyone know where I can buy this dressing from? The stuff is incredible. I'm not a huge spicy food fan but I like some sort of sauce with my meal.This dressing is sooooo tasty!
Anyway, foodie moment over!

And finally, how could I do an entire blog without mentioning any buys??
I couldn't, of course!
I've mostly bought christmas presents (including an amazing Strawberry set from the Body Shop for my sister!) but I treated myself to some jewellery!
All of these were in the sale-
Tribal neckalce (set of 3- £3.50 Matalan)
Cross beaded earrings (£2- Matalan)

Diamant√© Cross ring (£1.50 Miss Selfridge)
Triple Diamante ring (set of 3- £3 Miss Selfridge)

So many bargains!

Anyway, thats all from me, another blog done!

Hope everyone has a lovely week.. only two days until the weekend!
It's good to be back!
G xxxx


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