H&M Haul!

Ok so today I called into the my city centre while buying my dog a coat (don't ask- she's cold and spoilt and i'm a fantastic owner..) while there I called into H&M on a bit of an impulse (mostly because it was a warm shop and also i'd spotted some v cute pj's in the window- the power of advertisment!) however once inside I noticed they had a sale on and couldn't resist a look....

The first thing I spotted was this gorgeous blue/gold woven striped top... I loved this top full price but never got around to buying it. However for £10 (it actually went through the tills at £9) I couldn't resist! Perfect for layering and with shorts in summer :)

Woven top- £9.

The second thing I spotted was a BIG BIG BIG deal for me.
I finally got a cream, cable knit jumper!
H&M- £7
This jumper is actually a size 16 (i'm 8-10) but I think it was originally meant to be a crop jumper effect as it's the perfect length on me.
I literally COULD NOT be happier that I now own this jumper. It's a lovely, thick material and the slightly too long sleeves are so snuggly!

The jumper off.

£14.00 to £7!!


My final clothing item from H&M was this dress- it's a super simple black flip hemmed dress. I like to wear dresses through the day a lot so this dress will get plenty of wear!
Black dress- £4

I think £7.99 is already a total bargain so £4 is even better!

 Jewellery wise, I bought this simple brown stoned ring. I wear A LOT of rings (at least 5 at one time) so I seem to spend my life searching sales for new, interesting ones. I love the brown and gold colours of this ring- they're so expensive looking!
Ring- £1

The ring on.
H&M had a lot of big stone rings in the sale. I loved the majority of them, especially a big chunky blue one but they were too big... I think when you wear a lot of rings, it's important not to have too many huge ones or you risk over powering your hands, especially if you have tiny childs like hands like mine!

This bag caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store but I just didn't know if it was too out there... finally, I just couldn't resist!
Silver bag- £7

This bag is reflective and silver. It is entirely impractical and quite space age but I love it! It's incredible! 

I also got a couple of extra's from H&M- some body butters and false eyelashes for my sisters for christmas and a little mermaid tshirt for my niece. It was at this point, with an overflowing basket I headed to the till points. However I bought all of these goodies for £36.99 which I thought was amazing! I could have gone on.. there were perfumes, make up bags, vests and jeans in the sale too. 
I'm not normally a H&M fan but the sale is amazing- get your self down!
G xxx


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