Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NYE Travel Makeup Bag:

I won't be at home this NYE as i'll be celebrating in York so i've had to downsize my make up bag (is there anything worse?). These are what i'm considering my 'essentials' although when I told my mum she found it hilarious that I considered 3 mascaras "essential"! A lot of these products i've previously reviewed and the links are either my review or the product page. My stand out products this year have definitely been the MUA ones: I tried them for the first time this year and while the lipsticks are distinctly average, i've been blown away by the quality of the lip liner and the pressed powder. Most of these products though are classics I stick by. I'll just be creating my usual brown smokey eye look with a plum based lip and i'll hopefully try and get a look up at some point!

What's in your travel makeup bag? Will you be playing safe or trying something new this NYE?


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Groovy Kind-a Love | Benefit Cosmetics Review

Groovy Kind-a Love- Benefit Cosmetics:

Merry Christmas, world! I hope you all had amazing days full of eating and laughing- is there a better way to spend your time? I decided to do an individual review of this Benefit set I received after falling head over heels for it. 
The set was originally £26 and is currently £19 in the sale. Definitely a bargain considering all the goodies that are included: POREfessional mini, They're Real! mini, Benetint, Dandelion & Gimme Fever Cheek Powder Duo and the four eyeshadows (plus applicator) that are all included.

First of all, isn't the packaging just amazing? I love the festive purple and gold, the sturdy tin and the little details: the illustration and of course, the mini 'how to' guide that comes with these kits: they're so helpful and show you a range of different of uses for everything included in the kit. I've mostly been using the eyeshadows as the range of shades (golds and browns) are perfect for an everyday smoky eye and they don't crease at all. I adore the POREfessional so the mini will come in very handy and i've been pleasantly surprised by benetint which is a gorgeous dark pink shade on the lips. I've been wearing it topped with a lipgloss for a seasonal but not too high maintenance look. I'm not a huge fan of They're Real! but i'm sure for anyone new to Benefit it would be a great addition. Dandelion is one of Benefit's original blush's and although I don't really use blush, it makes a nice change from bronzer for contouring. From what I can make out, Gimme Fever was included in 'The Rich Is Back' (the Matthew Williamson/Benefit set) which was wildly popular so it's nice touch to add it. 

I love this set, especially since its full of Benefits best sellers, a limited edition and an array of wearable eyeshadows, all at an affordable price (especially for the quality of the products). I'd definitely recommend this set and can't wait until next Christmas to hopefully try out some more!

Did you get any Benefit sets this Christmas? Which is your favourite?


Lush Haul:

Warning: looong post ahead!

I took a trip to Lush after all of my facial cleansers, soap and bath bombs started to run out at the same time (is there anything worse?) and after Christmas decided to brave the hoards of people out shopping and get stocked up. 

This facial/ body cleanser was the first thing I ever bought from Lush and is definitely my favourite. It's a really thick, jet black sort of putty that once mixed with water goes on as a paste.  Although it's intended for people will oilier skin, I find it really exfoliates and brightens my dry skin. It's really hardworking so I only bought 100g as I use it once a week to just really cleanse my skin. 

Ocean Salt Scrub:
Isn't the colour of this scrub just amazing? I use this scrub at least twice a week and it's the only thing that's ever helped my Keratosis pilaris on my arms. Although it's main ingredient is salt, it isn't too harsh: the lime and grapefruit keep it fresh    and moisturizing. There's also vodka in it which i've heard is amazing for skin! It keeps my pores tight and really helps any redness so it's definitely a hard worker. 

The simplicity of this bubble bar was what really appealed to me: it's has the most wonderful smell- sort of rose/lemon/lavender. Very simple and relaxing. I think a lot of Lush's more basic goodies are over looked for the shinier and more colourful ones but sometimes you can beat a little bit of boring. I'm so excited to try this and have a really peaceful bath! 

This was actually a gift (hence the *) and I think we all know how much I lovee me a Comforter (see here) but I couldn't resist including it! A huge bar of sweet smelling, pink bubbly goodness, there really isn't anything quite like the Comforter. I find it best to quarter up the Comforter to optimize the amount of bubbles and ensure it lasts as long as possible.   

My favourite soap! The smell of Rock Star reminds me of the Comforter: it's a very similar sweet, vanilla scented soap that really lasts on my skin. As a soap, it's fairly average: it cleans me and smells amazing, plus it's so creamy and hydrating for soap, and since it doesn't aggravate or dry out my skin, it'll continue to be my favourite until I find anything that smells as good!

I picked this up on a total whim while I was in store; I don't know how else to describe the smell other than saying it smells like sweets: jelly beans, jelly babies, that sort of thing. I also get a hint of cinnamon and although Tangerine oil is one of the main ingredients, it doesn't smell citirussy. Although i'm not a huge fan of sweets for some reason this soap was irresistible. My only complaints are that when I used it, it's really drying (especially compared to Rockstar) and when I saw a picture of what it's meant to look like (here) compared to what I got I was a little disappointed... where's my sparkle!?

9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion:
I originally went into Lush seeking a new face wash/mask as I was using Angels On Bare Skin but felt it wasn't helping my skin at all. I somehow ended up being shown the cleansing lotions which wasn't quite what I wanted (i'm still looking for a face wash ideal for senstive skin, anyone?) but I was interested in the lotions so took a small bottle of 9 to 5 to try. It smells beautiful, really fresh, and removes all my make up while leaving my skin super smooth. I really like 9 to 5 but don't think i'll be repurchasing as it wasn't what I was expecting and i've found someone else....

Yes I finally tried Ultra Bland! After being directed to the cleansers, the lovely lady that worked there gave me a sample of Ultra Bland. I chose 9 to 5 over Ultra Bland because I preferred the smell but Ultra Bland definitely has more cleansing power: it took all of my make up and left my skin so smooth. I've never seen my skin look so clean! I think £11 for 100g is a little excessive, even though it works I had to use quite a lot on my sensitive skin and I think at the end of the day, it's just a makeup remover.

So there is is! My mammoth Lush post! Did you pick up any Lush goodies over Christmas in the sales? Any face masks that would suit me for every day use? Should I stick with 9 to 5 and UltraBland? Thanks for sticking with this post and thank you also to all the bloggers that sent their links over to me in the most recent twitter chat. My blog reading is sorted for the rest of the week! There are so many amazing, genuine, lovely bloggers out there and I adore socialising with you all! 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Matalan Christmas Goodies!

So it's almost that time of year.... We're all hunting down Christmas jumpers, scented candles and chocolate decorated as cute festive figures... Although pretty much every shop is doing all of the above, i'd definitely have to recommend Matalan. Affordable and with most of the Christmas goodies in the sale until Monday, they're the best place to go.

Baked Cookie Candle:
This candle smells so good. It's definitely an accurate smell and incredibly sweet. My mum hates it and thinks it's overly sweet but I think it's so festive and yummy. For £3 you get a lot of candle for your money and the smell is actually really strong. I was pleasantly surprised with how good it smells and how long lasting it is. There are a few different variety's in store so i'd definitely recommend going in and having a sniff to find your favourite!

Christmas Tree Decoration:
I bought this mini silver metal tree because I literally had no decorations. I had my tree and that was it which didn't feel very festive. So, I picked this tree up to just spruce up a corner of my room. It's very simple and a lovely silvery/white colour which matches my colour scheme perfectly. Although I can't find it online, it's still available in store!

Thorntons Chocolates and Lindt Santas:
I actually can't remember how much I paid for these because presents start to blur into each other eventually.. The chocolates are a gift for my boyfriends mum and dad and the santa's are for my boyfriend and maybe myself..! 

And finally, meet JimBob!
These adjustble figurines are just the epitome of Christmas tat. They're completely useless but so adorable. You can get them in Santa, Reindeer and Robin form and our Santa, Jimbob is so cute. Again, these aren't available online but are still in store! Although, as you can see, our dog is less than impressed with him...

Have you picked up any Christmas goodies yet? Do you think it's the season for festive tat or prefer a more classic look?

G xxx

Friday, 13 December 2013

eBay Wishlist:

G xxx

Mini Primark Haul

We love a Primark Haul, right?! 
I've been buying a lot of presents for other people recently but yesterday I just couldn't resist calling into Primark for myself and I wasn't disappointed! I was originally on the hunt for a new handbag but I just can't justify spending a lot when I know they'll end up half price in two weeks! 

Shirt- £2
This shirt is a sort of navy colour with tiny white polka dots on it... It's actually a size 14 but I loved it as it's so oversized and comfy! It's a gorgeous silky material and perfect for just throwing over a dress/leggings for a really casual look. Also, who can resist a £2 shirt? Such a bargain!

Black/Gold Knit- £4.60
This top is actually almost the same as the white knit you can find mentioned in my last Primark Haul but this one is a lovely black and gold light knit. I really love these knit's because they're not too thick but not too thin so they're perfect for layering up in the bad weather and will last all year round! These were originally £6 but were reduced to £4.60: the perfect guilt free treat for yourself!

Spotty Tights- £2.50
I picked up these tights just as an alternative to plain black; am I the only one that gets bored of thick black tights in the winter? Although they are sheer I don't plan to be outside much so shouldn't be effected too much!

And finally...
Leather Look Trousers- £13
My new favourite trousers! It's pieces like these that make me really love Primark sometimes.
I've been after a pair of leather look trousers for a while but having  short legs mean that unless I want to pay that extra for a Miss Selfridge/ Topshop petite pair or risk it on an eBay bargain, I was stuck. Luckily, I saw these in Primark yesterday and knew they were coming home with me. They are 31" leg but the material just gathers at the bottom of the leg quite nicely so it isn't a complete disaster. They're a sort of shiny pleather material and so flattering. I also managed to get the last size 8 in my store which left me with that smug happy glow only a meant-to-be bargain can!

Have you picked up any bargains recently? Any more Primark leather trouser owners out there?! 

G xxx

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

December Wish List:

It's Chriiiistmas! 
Hi world, hope you're all ok and getting excited about the best time of year! I've put together a quick wish list because it's important to treat yourself over the festive period as well as your family and friends! Are there any bloggers out there doing Blogmas? I'd love to add some more blogs onto my reading list! There'll also be an eBay wishlist up in the next few days as i'm becoming obsessed with that site! There's just something very satisfying about getting a bargain... 

What are your picks for the winter months? Although mine might be made up of strappy dresses, there are some beautiful winter goodies out there and with most shops doing 30% etc off there's no excuse not to treat yourself! My next Wish List will probably be a sale one in January and i'll be sure to stick to my sale mantra's that I blogged about here

G xx

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Rebecca Adlington and the World:

This year's i'm a celebrity has seen the usual bundle of stars head to the jungle: the glamour model, the reality TV star and the athlete. Of course, last year, the UK played host to the Olympics where, quite frankly, we kicked some ass. 

So when it was announced Rebecca Adlington was heading to Oz, I was actually really excited. She seems like such a grounded, happy, genuine woman, with a talent and a great spirit. Rebecca is everything I had hoped from her and a true inspiration to women, and men, across the world.

However, it isn't Rebecca that's the problem. 
It's everyone else.
Tonight, 'Rebecca' was trending on Twitter. I clicked on it, intrigued to see what was happening down under. Except, it wasn't any updates about an OLYMPIC MEDAL winning athlete, it was a load of fully grown men and, i'm ashamed to say, women, commenting on how ugly she is, how big her nose is and how broad her shoulders are.

All I could think was, so what?
So what if she's not the most stereotypical beauty? Most of us aren't. Rebecca is talented and lovely and shouldn't feel inferior to any other women, she especially shouldn't have those nasty little thoughts that the cruel voice in your head whispers to you confirmed by thousands of people for the sake of a 'laugh' and for the sake of a few retweets. 

Is this really the world we live in?
Where we berate women for not having big boobs and a skinny waist, regardless of their talent? I imagine if it was those people making the, quite frankly, totally unfunny and tasteless jokes, being picked on they wouldn't be happy. Imagine if it was your sister or your mum or your daughter. They'd be distraught: devastated and self conscious. 

So why do we insist on doing this to woman in the spotlight?
All Rebecca has done is be an incredible swimmer and go on I'm a Celeb. We should be celebrating what her body has done, not picking on her for its flaws. Yet for all her troubles and her politeness and general niceness, she has been systematically torn apart by a nation that not long ago, were applauding her talent. 

The media, the general public, and even myself, constantly wonder, 'why are women so unconfident? Why have they no self confidence?' and the bullying of Rebecca just sums up why: because as a nation we continue to judge, mostly women, on their looks: on how tanned they are, how skinny they are, how well they're dressed. When we can't really comment on these things, we pick on their appearance. It's the easiest blow: like children in a playground, we insist on picking on people that aren't the prettiest. Although it's a well played tune, how can we expect women to be confident and self assured when they live in a world that judges them more on their appearance than their personalities and their talent? A world that says, 'oh sure, you're sincere and talented but you're not beautiful so we're gonna have to pick on you...' instead of telling them how marvellous and inspiration they are. Men don't help most of the time either: they're the ones retweeting these awful pictures from disgusting pages like 'LADbible' that think that if a women isn't chained to a sink and doesn't have 32DDD boobs, she isn't worth a look in, but that's another rant for another day.

All i'm saying is: when did we become so rude? So unthoughtful and downright rude? I for one will be ignoring all these haters and rooting for Rebecca and I hope she doesn't change who is she for the sake of some horrible bullies.

P.s bullies, you can respond to this post when you've won a gold medal, losers. 

The H&M Knit:

Scarf- H&M- £6.99

Although I spent the majority of this months payday on Christmas presents (i'll try and get a gift ideas post up soon!), I couldn't resist this cute scarf for £7. I've been looking for a new scarf for a while and as soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it. The colour is a really subtle pale pink, not too bright but still a nod to the season's biggest trend, and it's a really light knit so it doesn't become too warm. It is quite long, so i've been wearing it in the classic scarf style (pic 2), rather than just throwing it around my neck like I would normally! It's perfect for winter with the thick, woolly material and longer style and although it is a little itchy, it isn't unbearable.
I'm so happy I picked up this scarf and will definitely be looking to H&M for more bargain accessories!
Although I can't seem to find the scarf online, there's a really similar one here for only £3.49!
Have you picked up any bargains recently?
Any other knitwear I should be looking out for?

G xxx

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


'The Comforter', Cat Costume, My favourite New Girl Quote, A 'Paffy' (Pug/ Staffy cross), Fairy Lights In Bed, Harry Potter Land with my favourite person, Nutella Hazelnut Brownies, Reasons why I love Audrey Hepburn.

My insta-pick for this month! Lots of quotes, relaxing and potential Christmas presents. My favourites! I'm totally obsessed with the 'Paffy/ Stug' which is a Staffy/Pug Cross. I saw one available for rescue in my area online recently and if my current dog wasn't so anti social I would have adopted him in a heartbeat! A charitable weekend saw me dress up as a cat for Halloween at work (original, I know) and baking brownies for my mummy to take to work (although I rightly got first dibs!) You can follow me on Instagram here and if you have any links, please send me them! I love checking out new blogs. 

G xxx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pumpkin ideas:

With Halloween only a couple of days away and my pumpkin waiting patiently to be carved, I always get my google on and get inspired. I'm terrible at both drawing and carving so they never turn out quite how I want them too, but I always have fun trying. I've also been considering making a pie from the pumpkin filling this year as it seems such a waste to just throw it away.. does anyone out there have any recipes? Anyway, these are just some images I picked from Google that I loved and would love to recreate. Has anyone ever done the pumpkin eating the other pumpkin?! I just love it, so creative! Halloween is such a cool holiday (any holiday that allows me to watch Tim Burton films constantly is a winner in my book) and it's such a shame that we don't get as into it here in the UK as Americans do! I'd love to properly deck out my house and get dressed up and bob apples and stuff!  I also picked up some gorgeous Christmas Danish cookies and some baubles so i'm feeling very excited about all the holidays that are coming up!
How will you be decorating your pumpkin? Any super creatives out there? What's your favourite holiday?

G xxx

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Comforter | LUSH COSMETICS

Today was an emotional day for me as I used up the last of my comforter. *sad face*
this bar is definitely my favourite of all the lush bubble bars- I love the colour, the smell (similar to the rock star soap- very sweet) and I love that it's so long last- I got 5 bubble baths out of this bar. My only problem I have with the bubble bar is it doesn't create as many bubbles as id like: the bar tends to break up (see pictures) so floats to the bottom of the bath instead of bubbling up which means constantly waving the bubbles around for a good consistency which gets a bit tedious. Maybe this is just me being impatient or too demanding of the bar but when it is mixed the bubbles are amazing, so luxurious and plentiful! The bar also makes my bath feel really oily which is perfect for my dry skin and creates the most gorgeous pink colour. It leaves a sweet, long lasting scent on the skin and is honestly just amazing. 

Are there any bubble bars to rival The Comforter? What are your favourites? 

G xxx

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hazelnut Brownies | Recipe

The easiest and yummiest recipe for the best brownies!
To make these delicious brownies you'll need one Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (the original and the best! Available from any supermarket) then add one bag of hazelnuts to add some texture and flavour. If you're not keen on hazelnuts then it's probably best to only add half a bag. Finally, add two huge tablespoons of Nutella to the mix. This makes the brownies so gooey inside... perfect. I always add a little sprinkling of marshmellows to serve because who doesn't love marshmallows? This is definitely the easiest and tastiest recipe i've ever made and I couldn't recommend it more! The Betty Crocker Mixes are the best i've ever tasted and so easy to make: simply add an egg, oil and water and create amazing tastes bakes! 
Will you be stocking up on Betty Crocker Mixes? Any others I should try?  

G xxx

Friday, 25 October 2013

Jewellery Storage

 Today's post is going to be Jewellery storage!
I decided to show how I store my jewellery as they're some of my most treasured possessions and I thought it would be more interesting than showing you my wardrobe full of clothes. I took inspiration for this post from my make up storage post  and I might make a feature of different storage solutions.. what do you think?
Anyway- here goes!

I keep my most sentimental bracelets in the box I received my Thomas Sabo bracelet in. I love the stripes on the box and it's the perfect size to store bracelets and even my watch!

Vintage Ring Holder:
I mentioned this ring holder in my July favourites post a while back and it's still going strong! I love this ring holder and although mine is vintage, there are so many quirky styles available online and they're so useful!

The Vintage Ring Holder sits on top of the Thomas Sabo box on my bedside table for easy access and also because I think they look so adorable!

'LOVE' over the door hooks- B&M: (similar here):
Yes, that jumble of black and gold on the right is my necklace collection! I really suffer with storage in my room as it's so small and this is the best I can do with the space available. I love a good statement necklace although looking at this picture definitely makes me rethink my theory that I have 'hardly any' necklaces! 

Chinese inspired Jewellery Box- TK Maxx: (similar here):
This jewellery box is probably one of my most treasured possessions. My mum bought me it as a surprise a couple of christmas' ago after I fell in love with it in store but couldn't afford it and I absolutely adore it. I love the cream colour, the chinese writing inside, the bronze metal detailing... the list could go on! I store the rest of my jewellery in it: all my earrings, all my bangles and other important pieces. I think it's important to have a jewellery box as a focal piece of furniture and somewhere to store everything! 

How do you store your jewellery? Any storage posts out there?

G xxx