Lush Christmas Candy Box Review

Hello bloggers! Quick review post from me:
'Lush Christmas Candy Box'

I was bought the CCB as a christmas present and it contains the following:
1 'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel
1 'So White' Ballistic
1 'Candy Mountain' Bubble Bar
1 'Popcorn' Lip Scrub
1  'Magic Wand' reusable bubble bar.

First of all, i'll admit to have already using two of the products 'Candy Mountain' and 'Magic Wand' so I have no pictures of them! :( Although I will review them along with the goodies I haven't used!

The packaging of the Lush gift boxes is just beautiful.
I'm a long time Bunty lover, I just love unwrapping the box and then digging around in the eco-friendly packaging for my treats!
I also love how every box is different- some people have Rockstar soap in theirs (which I am so jealous of as it's my favourite soap!) and some have the 'butterball' ballistic. It really is a complete surprise as to what you'll get which I love!

'Popcorn' Lip scrub:
I was excited to try this scrub as it's the first i've tried. The scrub is like nothing i've ever had before... I mean, you can actually eat it. They encourage you to lick it off. Amazing! The scrub is soooo dense and thick it doesn't feel anything like a balm at all as I was expecting. The sensation is so odd I can only really describe it as sherbert-ish, but with bigger particles. The taste is very sweet and takes a while to adjust to but now I can't stop applying it!

'Snow Fairy'
Ahhh, the beloved Snow Fairy. 
I fell in love with this scent as soon as my nose caught a whiff of it(how romantic!) and i'm still a HUGE fan. It smells like pear drops and vanilla: very much like a sweet shop. It also lathers up beautifully- much better than my other favourite 'Rock Star soap'! The scent is very long lasting and i'm honestly considering starting a petition for snow fairy to be a year round fixture! If you haven't tried Snow Fairy yet definitely give it a go next Christmas!

'So White' Ballistic:
I'm the first to admit that i'm not a huge ballistic fan, mostly because I love bubble baths too much! (I am a child, I know..) hence the ballistic still being in tact! However I am excited to use So White especially as I read online that is releases glitter into your bath. Amazing!

The 'LUSH' motif on the ballistic:

And as with all gift boxes, the mandatory 'What's In My Gift?' booklet!
I love this booklet as it's an interesting read and a great way to find some new Lush products to try!

Over the festive period the booklet contains a 'Christmas' section as a guide to all the festive products which is a lovely way to be introduced to the goodies!

And the also very handy 'how to use' guides... soaps, bath bombs, face masks? No problem, just give this a read! I especially love the picture guides and the gorgeous bright colours!

Finally- Candy Mountain and Magic Wand:

Candy Mountain:
Candy Mountain definitely lived up to my expectations! Although it wasn't quite as bubbly as my ultimate favourite bar 'The Comforter' it provided a great amount of bubbles and smelt lovely and sweet! Definitely another gorgeous, lush bubble bar!

Magic Wand:
Ok, i'll admit it: I didn't actually know the Magic Wand was reusable. I'm sorry! :( therefore I will openly admit that I didn't use the Wand properly and to its full advantage. I just popped the bar into running water and crumbled it with my hands when it didn't melt (which was obviously to make it reusable, silly G!). Because of this I didn't rate the Wand much- I didn't get that many bubbles from it and it didn't smell as fruity and vanilla-y as I was hoping! However, don't let my stupidity put you off!

So how many good, reccommenable, 'I'd buy again' products?
Definitely 3 out of 5- Snow Fairy, Popcorn Lip Scrub and Candy Mountain.
Possibly 2 out of 5- I've yet to try the ballistic (although i'd rather have a bubble bar!) and I'd like to try another reusable bubble bar properly!

So what do you think? Did you get a Lush Gift Box for Christmas and are you loving it? I'd love to read your reviews!

G xxx


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