Petite frustrations.

Hello again! Hope everyone is well and had a wonderful christmas! 
I received A LOT of smellies and perfumes which i'll be sure to blog about in future blogs!

However today's blog is going to be about petite clothing.
Tall/average girls (you lucky people!) look away now.
As a 5'3ft girl, I know the frustration of finding a new pair of jeans better than anyone.
My current ones are Topshop Baxter ones- 28L 26W which look similar to these 'Leigh' jeans.

However after checking out the website, Topshop no longer do Baxter jeans for petite girls. It's 'Leigh' or 'Moto' now which takes choice to 18 pairs of jeans. Compared to the 79 in the 'normal' section. *rolls eyes*

However I shouldn't complain too much- most online/high stores don't even have a petite range. River island,, Missguided as well as cheaper stores such as Primark and Matalan have no petite sections so at least Topshop understand women with short legs do actually exist. (thank you Sir Phillip!).

Stores such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Next do have petite sections but from my experience, they seem horribly researched and poorly stocked. I am sick of searching petite sections only to find jumpers, t-shirts and coats.
 Petite girls (or at least, me) do not need these in petite sizes.
 We need dresses, jeans, leggings and tops that don't hang too loose on the shoulders.

This got me thinking, why is there such a lack of petite clothing? Even the few stores that do stock petite do not often have the sizes. 
For example, trying to find a pair of '28L' jeans in a Topshop store is nigh impossible.
I almost tore apart a store and all I found was 32L. 32L?! my 28L's are already a little too long so imagine 32! I would look like something from 'Honey, I shrunk the kids'.

Also a few weeks ago my local Topshop (which is fairly large had no petite leggings).
 The helpful store assistant was eager to tell me they had 'full stock' on normal and tall leggings though! How brilliant, excuse me why I go stretch my legs 4 inches so I can buy your leggings. 

Sorry to get so ranty about this but it's a subject close to my heart & my sense of fashion. 

I cannot buy clothes from Ebay or online stores because I know that they are not going to fit me. I seem to spend the majority of my time in changing rooms going 'it's too long!!!!!!!' which begins to get frustrating, as one can imagine.
And less expensive stores such as Primark may sell fabled £10 'brilliant' jeans but seeing as they only do them in 31 leg, I wouldn't know.

I imagine tall girls must feel my pain too- Topshop had 18 petite jeans, 79 'normal' jeans and 12 pairs of tall jeans. 12 probably sounds quite a few but compared to 79 it's a little bit of a joke.

All I am asking is that retailers take us 'abnormal' girls a bit more seriously!
 Please Mr/Mrs 'In Charge Of Topshop Petite' give us more choice/appropriate clothing!
 I'm totally willing to be your petite clothing guinea pig if you'd like!

Anyway, rant over from me! A slightly different post for me, but something I had to get off my chest.

 Does anyone else agree with me? Have you managed to find the perfect petite jeans?

G xxx


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