Sale Do's and Don'ts!

First of all I'd just like to wish everyone a belated Happy Christmas! I hope you all had wonderful, peaceful days that were filled with happiness, laughter and lots of eating like mine!

I was lucky enough to get a new laptop for Christmas! My beloved Dell Inspsiron was FINALLY replaced!! I am currently writing this on my new HP laptop and loving it! Other wonderful presents included a 'blogging book'- a sort of notebook that has different parts for 'inspiration' and 'outfits' and 'websites' that are all empty and just waiting for me to fill them! Thoughtful presents are definitely my favorites!

Anyway, time for the real purpose of today's blog! Obviously the almighty January sales are well under way and it's easy to get caught up and end up buying tonnes of new clothes that you don't really need because they're cheap. But i'm here to put a stop to that!


DO: Buy good quality stuff.

As I like to say, why buy Primark if you have Zara at home?
I'd personally have a small wardrobe of good quality stuff than a huggee wardrobe of cheap, badly made garments. Although this clutch bag isn't cheap by sale standards at £29.99 (down from £49.99) for the money you are getting a seriously well made, embellished clutch that will see you through plenty of seasons!

Buy classics.

 I know its tempting to buy achingly cool, on trend clothes but are they really worth it?

A classic blazer will see you through job interviews, 'smart casual' events and those days when it's too cold for nothing and too warm for a coat. 
This gorgeous, staple blazer is a bargain at £20 (down from £45) and as the owner of a vintage RI blaer myself, I can definitely confirm the quality!

Stock up on basics.

It isn't just clothing stores that do sales!
The Body Shop always have a huge january sale which is just incredible. I recently got 4 natural, sensitive skin friendly deodorant's for £2.50 which is just amazing. Another bargain I spotted on the website is this gift set:
The Body Shop Coconut Set includes:
Coconut Shower Cream 250ml
Coconut Soap 100gCoconut Body Scrub 50ml

  • Coconut Body Butter 50ml
    Ultra Fine White Bath Lily
    All that for £10 (down from £15) is amazing, especially for such gorgeous goods!
    This would make an amazing gift or just a treat for yourself!


Don't buy things just because they are cheap.

Of course, we are guilty of this but try to resist! That top in the sale might be £5-down-from-£35 but ask yourself, why is it £5? Of course it is possible to get bargains but that's not the case for everything cheap.
Dress- 'Bright Pink Lashes of London Strapless Dress'
Reduced from £75 to £20, it's easy to see why.
This dress is, how can I say this politely? it's tacky.
But in the mist of a bewildering, messy sale, the color would probably stand out and then the alluring price would be seen and many a fashionista must find themselves going 'that's nice...!'
But don't girls, just don't. For everyone's sake.

Buy last season.
Another easy mistake is to see all the peplums and camo jackets in the sale and be tempted, they're fashionable, right? No they're not. They're A/W 2012 and all the new stock shops are bringing out is S/S 2013. Wearing your 'bargain' peplum top a year after they became fashionable is not the way to impress, girls. With faddy, seasonal trends its easy to spot when they're going out because they all go in sale. 

So HINT: if you see a lot of the same type of clothing, e.g, peplum tops, in the sales, don't buy one! This means the fashion worlds, and retailers and desperate to get rid of them and cast them out of the fashion world for another season!

Dress- £15 (down from £35)
Last season this dress would have ticked all the boxes- metallic, lace and peplum and a hint of body illusion at the bottom. However, this season the dress simply has too many previous season things going for it for it to be wearable. That's not to say everything in the sales is last season and therefore out of touch! It's just something to be aware of and of course, if you like the style, don't worry about fashion rules and go for what you like!


Buy things for the sake of it.

Again, we've all been there! And while it's justifiable with less expensive things such as jewelry and items under £10, dresses like this one might seem a 'sale bargain' but if you spend £25 on things you don't really need, it will start to add up. 

Dress- £25 (was £55)- Topshop.

I adore this dress but try to limit yourself to what you actually need and the odd extra. It's ok to think 'well i'm saving £30!' but imagine buying 2 of these dresses. That would be £50. Doesn't sound much of a saving to me! Unless, of course, you have the money to spend in which case, go crazy with the party dresses and discount heels, I know i'd like to!

So there you go! A super simple list of Do's and Don't's. Obviously you don't have to follow my D+D's but as a seasoned sale connoisseur myself, I know what i'm talking about!

Much love,
G xxxx


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