Valentines Day Ideas!

So it's almost that time of year again..
If you're anything like me, you'll have spent a small fortune on Christmas presents for your beau and with January being a slow month in terms of work, you probably won't have much money.
Then Valentines day comes along, and you panic. Sound familiar?
But don't worry! This year i'm here to help!
Me and my boyfriend have decided to go to a posh restaurant for valentines day (instead of our usual nando's) and with him being a student and me being terrible with money, we haven't got a lot of cash to spend. However, the key of valentines day is to be original!
Here goes....

Be Personal: 

If you've got a bigger budget, look on websites such as and, both these sites have some gorgeous gifts on, I especially love thing like cufflinks from these sites! However for those on a smaller budget there are cheaper gifts available including cards:
I'm soppy enough to admit that yes I do tell my boyfriend I love him to the moon. I know! It's ridiculous and cheesey but also soppy and cute! This card can be bought here and although it is quite expensive (£4.25) if you're not doing big gifts like me this year a personalised card is a nice touch!

Bake Something:

This is probably all the episodes of Great British Bake Off that I watch talking (I mean religious viewing every week plus repeats!) but if you're a baker, first time or pro, baking is a lovely, thoughtful, inexpensive and very yummy gift! Who doesn't like cake?!

I was originally going to make my boyfriend a heart shaped chocolate cake like this one:
(image from )
I love the simplicity of this cake and how it's still super cute. There's no 'show stopper' element here, i'm fairly sure even my 2 year old niece could decorate this cake, but that's why it's lovely!

However after watching an episode of Comic Relief Celebrity Bake Off i've been inspired to bake a Bakewell tart after my boyfriend announced it was 'one of his favourites'. I'm hoping my Bakewell will look something like this: 

(image from )
Although this may be possibly the most ambitious thing I have ever EVER said and I may just end up buying Mr Kipling and passing them off as my own my mum used to do this for primary school bake sales for me and noone was any the wiser so i'm sure it'll be ok! Wish me luck!

Take a picture:

Pictures are the easiest, cheapiest and nicest thing you can buy/ give as a gift.
This year i've bought my boyfriend two photo frames i'm going to fill with pictures from Hackney Weekend and our holiday together because he always complains he doesn't have enough pictures of us! The frames were super cheap- £2 plain silver ones from the Matalan sale and printing pictures from your phone costs as little as 10p from places from ASDA. I did the same last year  and it went down really well. I've considered scrapbooks, as a lot of people on the internet have suggested, but me and my boyfriend haven't really spent enough time together for me to able to do this although it's such a nice idea!

I couldn't find the frame's I bought on the matalan website but I did find this one for £4 which is also very cute:

Be Thoughtful:

Last year I bought Sam some hand warmers, because he works outside and constantly complains about how cold he is. He bought me some Yankee candles because I am obbsessed with them. These sort of things aren't necessarily romantic but it honestly is the thought that counts! (cringe)
This year Sam's main present will be a massage bar from my favourite store Lush because it gives me an excuse to go into Lush and is cheap and thoughtful! There's a huge range of massage bars to choose from and although i'll probably just go inside and sniff them until I find my favourite (isn't that how Lush works?!) I tried to pick a favourite online:

(image from )
Therapy is made from 100% organic ingredients including the yummy smelling cocoa and shea butter! The bars also melt as they are used which for £6.50 for apparently one use is steep but knowing Lush, it will be an amazing one and only use!

What will you be buying for your other half? Splashing the cash or keeping it simple?
I hope everyone has a lovely week and this post hasn't made any singles depressed- just think of the money you can save and spend on shoes for yourself! I'm sort of jealous...
Lots of love bloggers!
G xxx


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