Wishing February Away..

Hello world!
I hope everyone is well.. I'm so sorry for not blogging in what feels like weeks, I've been very busy and very lazy!
Today's blog is going to be a 'haul' post, my favorites  I've been spending like crazy recently (oops...) and the post may also include a very special valentines day prezzie..!


A few weeks ago I called into my local H&M. I've recently become seriously obsessed with H&M, although I despair of the layout every time I go in (it makes no sense!) their on trend, well made but not expensive clothing are fast making H&M my favorite store. 

Sheer cream shirt- H&M

Skater skirt- H&M

The skater skirt has fast become a wardrobe staple- I wear it with boots, blouses, tshirts, jumpers.. the list is endless! I also love the shirt at a bargain £5!


Glitter patterned skater dress- Topshop
£15 (really!!)

(Oversized fleck top- Topshop)

I've recently become a lot more savvy in Topshop: I saw a cropped, lace tshirt recently that was £38 (!) so I search the sales in the hope of a bargain!
I bought the glitter dress (reduced from £46) a couple of weeks ago and wore it Valentines day.. although i'm sure my boyfriend couldn't care less what I wore, it was complimented by his flat mate which was good enough! It's a lovely, thick material that hangs really nicely!
The tshirt was bought on saturday in birmingham- I bought it to wear with leggings mostly (especially my hard to dress olive AA ones) and although it is really long, covering my bum, it's easy to tuck in making it very versatile.


Playsuit- Matalan

One of my more optimistic buys, this playsuit is basically my 'summer does exsist' reminder to myself! It's tiedye (on trend), strapless (no strap tanlines!) and has a drawstring waist (flattering even if you've taken advantage of the buffett breakfast too much!) plus it's super lightweight. I'm hoping matalan will do more beach cover up's like this as I love them!

And finally...

As you may have seen in my post 'What a Life' (http://georgiacwood.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/what-life.html) from last september, I fell in horrible, hard, irresistable unrequited love with a pair of studded Zara ankle boots. Way out of my price range (part time sales assistants cannot afford £110 boots, even when they're reduced to £70 in the sales!) I resigned myself to a Zara boot less life... sigh....
Until valentines day!
Although this wasn't part of my 'haul', my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a pair! 
I will readily admit that I cried (really) and then put them on and refused to take them off (really) but what else is a girl to do?! I couldn't reccomend Zara boots enough and i'm obbsessed with mine!

Studded Ankles Boots- Zara (via Ebay)
(price unknown)

So there's my haul for February! I'd love to see any of your recent purchases, especially any early summer buyers like myself!
Lots of love, 
G xxx


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