25 facts about me...

Hi world!
I thought I'd join in on the recent '25 facts about me' blog trend that's happening at the minute for a quick but (hopefully) interesting read for any of you that are as nosy as me!

1). I can't wear red lipstick.
I don't know what it is but I just don't suit it! I have a baby face and it makes me look like a child playing dress up with their mummy's make-up whenever I try it. Sigh..

2). I have incredibly sensitive skin.
I can only use face/body washes with natural ingredients (hence why The Body Shop is my favourite shop!) and I can't use any shaving gels. I have to use conditioner/body washes instead.

3). I'm in a long term, long distance relationship.
Sam and I have been together almost 3 years (un/officially) and I wouldn't change him for the world. It's hard but it means time together is extremely special!

4). I'm terrified of clowns.
I was scared by one at a circus as a child and never really recovered. Horrible things!

5). I've never broken a bone.
BUT I have severely injured a tendon in my finger that almost left me paralysed in my entire arm. I had to wear a cast for a week for a 'half fractured finger'... Embarrassing ...

6). I believe in star signs.
I'm a typical free spirited, slightly ditzy and very mood swing partial Gemini.

7). I'd love to be a stylist.
But only in a department store. I think being a personal/ film stylist would be a nightmare and far too restrictive. My dream job would be a Personal Shopper at Selfridges&CO. A girl can dream!

8). I can lick my elbow.
A combination of disjointed arms (a family trait) and a very flexible tongue means I'm in the elbow licking 1 percent. Lucky me!

9). I have double jointed hands.
I can bend my fingers back 180 degrees and I can bend my thumb back to touch my wrist. I have a lot of weird party tricks.

10). My favourite colour is yellow.
It's the colour of sunshine and, for me, happiness. It cheers me up.

11). I'm a 'bag' girl.
For some girls it's shoes (E.G my mum), for some it's jewelry (E.G Elizabeth Taylor) but for me it's handbags. My ultimate bag lust is a Mulberry Bayswater in Natural Oak. I keep hinting to my parents/boyfriend but no luck so far...

12). Eyebrows matter.
I'm obsessed with eyebrows. They're the first thing I notice on people and I love plucking, shaping and colouring in other people's!

13). I love running.
Preferably on a treadmill. I get some weird enjoyment from setting the gradient up high and sprinting away while watching the TV at the gym!

14). I'm a total home bird.
It's a long running family joke that I'm actually an old woman trapped in a young girls body. I love being at home in my jammies watching the soaps with a cuppa and preferably a sunday dinner!

15). I'm obsessed with pugs.
I'm definitely more a 'dog' person! I love how affectionate they are and if you follow me on instagram or twitter (@georgia_cwood on both) you'll see how chilled and easy to dress up there are! Although I love my current pet staffy, I think pugs are mega cute!

16). I really like the Powerpuff Girls...
I used to be obsessed with them as a child. Like really obsessed. I had all the merchandise, watched EVERY episode (twice) and I even want to name my future pugs after them...

17). White wine please!
My drink of choice is either a white wine (spritzer if i'm feeling lightweight) or a cheeky jagerbomb. Depending on how classy I'm pretending to be..

18). Brown Sugar..
I really like The Rolling Stones. Which probably isn't normal for an 18 year old girl, but I can't help it. I'd love to see them at Glastonbury this year and dance with Mick Jagger (in my dreams maybe!)

19). Minnie Mouse and Bubbles the Powerpuff Girls..
Are my favourite cartoon characters. Some girls my age are really into Hello Kitty but i'm definitely more a Minnie girl! I love her red spotty clothes and I adore Bubbles cute but tough act!

20). I'm a girly girl.
I wear a lot of dresses, a lot of rings and I love pink. My poor Daddy is surrounded by women (he has a wife, three daughters, a granddaughter and even a female dog) and was ecstatic when I went through my 'tomboy' stage.. until I definitely outgrew it! I'm now notoriously girly! Poor Daddy!

21). I don't watch films.
Unless I go to the cinema to see them, I get bored and restless. I only ever really watch thrillers or horrors that can keep me guessing and on the edge of my seat. I have no idea how people sit through boring Rom-Coms!!

22).... Except Love Actually.
Which is probably up there in my top films. I love all the intertwining stories, the romance, the christmassy feel and that it's the only film where Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) and Professor Snape (Alan Rickman) would ever be together!

23). I'm a really fussy eater.
I always feel sorry for people that cook for me. I don't like rice, chips, pasta, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, bacon, steak, lamb, pork, white chocolate, etc, etc, ETC.

24). My favourite make up brand is Benefit.
Even if just for their 'Big Beautiful Eyes' kit (which I use to draw my eyebrows on with!) which I could not live without. I love their quirky packaging, their non clumpy mascara and especially those amazing 'how to' guides that come with the kits! 

25). It took me two weeks to write this post.
How boring am I?! I literally couldn't think of anything, how embarrassing  I hope it hasn't been as difficult to read! 


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