Leeds, Capital and Tkmaxx...

Today, feeling extremely sleepy and nervous I left my house at 6.30.

Why did I leave my house at such an obscene time? 
To sit in on Hirsty's Daily Dose of course!

I've been a little bit secretive and not told anyone that a couple of weeks ago I was chosen to become one of Capital Yorkshire's bloggers. It's such an amazing opportunity and i'm so happy I was chosen! Expect lots of Capital based blogs from me in future!

I arrived at Capital at 8am, left at 11 and had the best time!
I sat in with the breakfast show along with two other absolutely lovely bloggers: Em from EMTALKS.CO.UK and Sarah from sadexcuseofagirl.blogspot.co.uk who are both unfairly talented, go check them out!
We laughed a lot, drink some fantastic tea (thank you JoJo!) and even being made to talk about myself for an agonising 30 seconds (you can find the podcast here if you'd like to hear me make an idiot of myself) didn't spoil the brilliant morning!

I'm looking forward to attending events and blogging for Capital in the future so look out for more posts!

The coolest toilets in the world; a collage wall and a branded door!

After i'd finished at Capital, I headed into Leeds City Centre to indulge in some retail therapy. Unfortuantly, I had to head home to meet my mummy for lunch so I only had time for some sight seeing...

(a splash of colour on the gloomy streets)

(Leeds Town Hall looking majestic)

(Leeds' lions)

I also called into TKMAXX which although a bit jumble sale esque, is undeniably a mecca for bag/purse lovers (like me!)

(the world's best jumble sale?)

(a reptile-y print Osprey purse, i'm in love)

That's all from me! Enjoy your weekends everyone!
Lots of love,
G xxx

(PS, you can also find me on Twitter: @georgia_cwood!)


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