No. 7 Foundation Match Review...

Hello world!
I hope you are all well and surviving the disgusting weather!A few weeks ago I set off on a challenge: I went 'new foundation' shopping!
This is a task I hate with a passion as I have incredibly sensitive and pale skin which means I either end up having an allergic reaction to the product or I end up with a slightly unnatural 'wotsit' glow.. How attractive..

I set off, considering firm (and expensive) favourites such as MAC, Clinque, Chanel etc.
However, one that really interested me the was No7  'Foundation Match' service. This is where a scanner is used to 'read' your skin to discover what shade it is.

I was beyond dubious about this. All I could think was 'yeah right' but, feeling curious, I called into my local Boots to have a go.

'Stay Perfect'
     Boots, £14

I found the process slightly odd: I had to simply walk up to the No.7 counter and ask the lovely lady if she could 'scan my face' as there were no advertisements etc which I wasn't expecting. However, eventually I was matched, grudgingly, to 'Calico' which is the lightest shade. I'm a pale girl in denial so I was horrified by how pale 'pale' actually is!


Apologies for the terrible quality of this photo!

Again, I was shocked at the 'match'.. look how pale it is on! I can't be that pale can I?!....

...Actually, yes I can. The foundation blends gorgeously. Just look how non orange my hand is!

I went for the 'Stay Perfect' Foundation.
What I love about this idea is that No7 have loads of different foundations and powders in the different colours. This means that although 'Stay Perfect' might not be for me in terms of coverage as I find it slightly caked on, there are plenty of other foundations in the same colour I can choose from! For the first time in my life I have no orange glow, no tidemarks and no constant fear of putting bronzer on without looking like a clown.

I cannot reccomend the service enough, esepecially if you have pale or darker skin and struggle to match your skin colour to the usual shades on the market!
Have you tried No7's foundation match? What did you think?

Lots of love,
G xx


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