Aussie Hair Care- Mum Approved!

So i've found my perfect hair care routine. I want to share it with the world.
But is it any good? I got my mum involved to find out...
I've tried most of Aussie's range and have narrowed it down to these three beauties.
I used my mummy as my experimenter to help write this post; I got her to use the products and then she told me what she thought. We have different hair types so I was interested to see the results.
How scientific of me, doing experiments with conclusions and stuff in my spare time... Now, where's my test tube?  

'3 Minute Miracle Shine'

'Miracle Moist Conditioner'

'Miracle Moist Shampoo.'

These products are perfect me, with my masses of thick, frizzy ringlets but, as my experiment discovered, are also ideal for you lucky ladies that are like my mummy: smooth, straight haired blondies with flowing locks that would make Cinderella jealous...

I've tried at least every shampoo from every range, and i've found that although the products do what they say: the Frizz Miracle did reduce my frizz dramatically, I found that if you choose a range with a specific purpose- e.g. Frizz/ Colour Mate, then you get the effect in heaps but you lose out on a lot of moisture and softness. 

Because of this, I've chosen to stick with 'Miracle Moist' because I suffer with dry hair and i've found MM also fights frizz and keeps my hair shiny. Teamed with 3MMS, my hair is left transformed: shiny, happy, sleek and most importantly for me, moisturized! However this routine is totally personal to me: my mum found using both Miracle Moist products was slightly too heavy on her unfrizzy hair and wants to try Colour Mate next for her bleached hair.

These products are definitely approved by us, the Collingwood- Lloyd's and my mummy is a converted Aussie lover- she can't wait to do her own experimenting! 

Happy Saturday, world!

G xxx


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