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Hi everyone!
Quick post from me: my instagram week.
 If you give me a cheeky follow on instagram (georgia_cwood) you'll see photo's like these and much more. I love instagram, I love being able to share photos, connect with other people and generally be nosy! Enjoy...

1. Bank Holiday Saturday's look 2. Malteser chocolate!! Happy Easter to meee...
3. I met Sabrina the teenage witch! Sort of.. 4. My new pinafore dress.. too indie?
5. Benefit make upessentials: eyebrows and lipstick! 6. Yesterdays make up.

Most of these pictures will be working their way into their own blog posts throughout the week but this is just a sneaky peek into what has been a crazy weekend for me. Lots of shopping, partying and make up wearing! 
Are any of you on instagram? Do you love it? 
Hope you're all well and had a fab bank holiday!
G xxx


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