Kate Moss- Lipstick Boss?

First of all, can we all just appreciate my rhyming in the blog title? Thank you!
Today's post is going to be about another new lipstick. Bringing my collection to a grand total of 15 (eek!). I bought this Kate Moss lipstick as part of the Three For Two deal in Boots recently- it was my free product after i'd got my foundation (a top up of No. 7's Foundations Match- you can find a review here) and Max Factors '2000 Calorie' mascara which I will review at a later date.

I gravitated towards the Kate Moss Lipsticks for two reasons: 
1). that 107 shade 2). I already have a Kate Moss lipstick which I love although rarely wear- see here. I straight away swatched 107, eager to love it.... and I didn't. On me (being the palest person in the world) the purple tone was too strong and I found the colour too overwhelming. I've seen it look so gorgeous and wine like in colour on so many people but unfortunately this wasn't the case for me. Disappointed, I moved on and found the perfect lipstick for me!


'101'- Kate Moss



I love this lipstick. Kate has definitely not dissapointed. I love the baby pink shade and I love the matte finish as it gives a much brighter colour, which tends to be hard to find with pink lipsticks without being too drying on the lips. My only bug bare with this lipstick is that it isn't as long lasting as i'd hoped, especially since it's such a strong colour. My lipstick test is being at work: if a lipstick lasts a four hour shift, full of talking
 and biting my lip (my worst habit!) and usually a bottle of water afterwards, then i'm guaranteed to love it. 101 didn't last that long. It barely scraped one hour which surprised me because the previous, more glossy lipsticks (or at least my shade 01) lasted ages once applied. I love it regardless because of the gorgeous colour: summery, bright and beautifully girly, this has fast become my go to shade although I always keep it close by for top ups. 

Have you tried any of the new Kate Moss shades? Did 107 look gorgeous on you? I'd love to see any pictures and posts!

G xxx


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