Meadowhall Student Lock-In!

Last Thursday I was invited along to the Meadowhall Student Lock-In by Capital FM: I love going to the Meadowhall lock-in's because there's always sooo much going on- quirky stalls, endless freebies and even a few dance offs all around the centre.

If you've never been to a Meadowhall Lock-In I couldn't recommend them more. The whole centre really throws themselves into hosting the event and even if you're not a student you can still enjoy the atmosphere, some discounts and, of course, Capital FM's presence! 

This year Capital FM had an amazing little stage and stand area in front of the Oasis food court. Urban Decay were there giving free makeovers (very tempting!), there was a photo area with a photographer with a proper camera and everything and Hirsty was manning the stage area where later on in the evening there was a game show. 
I will admit that by the time the game show had started the area was packed (see pictures!) and quite noisy so I couldn't really hear or get close enough to see what was going on. I hung back and stayed on the stairs so I could take some pictures without standing on my tip toes (small girl problems) and enjoyed the atmosphere instead! 

The Urban Decay team at the Capital area.
The lovely Urban Decay ladies were giving out free makeovers and advising on colours, trends and application of all beauty products. They were so helpful and lovely!

The Capital stage. Look, there's even a red carpet!

Shops had from 10-40% off and stuck these leaflets in their windows to show they were part of the night. They also usually have something unique to entice customers....

...Like these gorgeous girls outside Boux Avenue! They were giving out free drinks and kindly posed for a photo. They looked absolutely stunning and were so lovely. Most shops have people walking around advertising their brand so these girls all dressed up and giving out free drinks were definitely a refreshing change of scenery!

The capital area before the real fun started. If you look really closely you can even see Hirsty. There were some *ahem* technical issues when I arrived so I left him to solve these and took pictures from the stairs in front of the Capital FM area instead! 

And once everything had started! 

At one point the Capital FM street stars and Pudsey were having a dance off while the Hirsty-hosted game show was in full swing. There were people everywhere and there's so much going on I just had to stand back and admire. These picture basically sum up the Lock-In's for me. There's so much energy, fun and of course, Capital FM all night it's worth going just to wander round and enjoy yourself! These nights are a complete eclectic mix but you always know where ever there's the Capital FM team, there's bound to be fun!

Have you ever been to a Lock-In? Do you love them as much as I do?

G xx


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