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 Hi world!
So you may have seen my H&M haul post and as if I didn't buy enough in H&M, I also had some luck in the River Island sale and in Primark! I decided to put the H&M clothes and these ones separately just to keep the posts fairly short and less heavy!

First of all I found myself rummaging in the River Island sale. I wasn't expecting much as it's basically just the last of the stock but I was pleasantly surprised...

Black Pinafore Dress- River Island £12.
I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it despite it being completely impractical and slightly ridiculous. I mean, a pinafore?! When am I going to wear a pinafore?! However despite all my reservations, as soon as I tried it on I wanted it. Ah, unrequited love.. This pinafore was £12 reduced from £25 and I couldn't resist. The fact I had to buy it in a size 6 because the 8 was too big was also a deciding factor and I left feeling smug with my ridiculous, clearly wrongly labelled (these hips are no size 6!) pinafore. Who knew a school dress could cause so much happiness?

'Hamsa' Print Midi Dress- River Island £10
This dress had actually been in my 'favourites' for quite a while on the RI website but I was unsure- it's a funny length and fit- sort of a baggy midi dress, very similar to this dress. I'm short with short legs so I wasn't sure how it would look on me but I was surprised when I tried it on. The fit is actually really, really flattering. The front comes to knee and the back slightly longer and i've been wearing it with knee high socks and ankle boots, using a belt to bring it up and wear with tights and i've decided it's going to be my airport dress- with my gold sandals and maybe a light kimono it'll be the perfect cold-to-warm (and back!) outfit and if I do end up going to Glastonbury (please festival gods!) I can see myself wearing this with my wellies! Very versatile and very comfy, perfect!

Beach Cover Up- Primark £8
As much as I love Primark (especially their sleepwear. I wear a lot of Primark pajama's) as a bit of a clothes quality snob, I really struggle to touch a lot of their clothes without cringing at the cheap fabric. Primark have brought out their summer clothes range and as much as I love the look of the £4 playsuits as soon as I touch them, I cringe away and resign myself to a decidedly more expensive summer wardrobe. But not this time!
I saw this lace cover up and immediately thought 'that is so Ibiza'. This summer i'm going for a slightly boho chic look- there will be lots of fringing and aztec and as this cover up is aztec print with fringing, it ticks all the boxes. Plus, best of all for me, it feels lovely. Really nice and lightly and cottony. I'm hoping Primark do more cover ups like this so I can be one happy beach bunny!

So that's the last of my clothes hauls! At least for this month anyway... have you found any bargains recently? Any inspiration for how I can wear my pinafore without looking like a school girl? I'd love to see and hear about them all!

G xxx


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