May Favourites

The normal monthly 'wish list' has given away to a 'favourites'... there's not much that i'm particularly lusting over and plenty that i'm loving so it made sense!
Hope everyone is feeling fab and had an amazing weekend, especially if you enjoyed Eurovision in all its weird and wonderfullness like I did! 

You can find this product briefly mentioned in my What's In My Makeup Bag post and since then i'm completely fallen in love with it again. I mix it with my foundation for a fresh faced 'dewy' look and use it to pretend I have cheekbones!

As you can probably see by the falling apart cover, I adore this book. This book makes me laugh, cry and 'holla' as Minny would say, all simultaneously.  If you haven't already read this inspirational book about Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny, all women living in Mississippi during the 60's, and their pure courage and strength I highly recommend it. The film with Emma Stone is also beautifully done, unlike some book-to-film stories, the message (and most of the original script) is used. I started reading this book again after not reading it for about a month and I immediately remembered why it's my favourite book.

I'm a little bit late to the Palmers party but still a fan! I've been using The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter for years so didn't really need another cocoa butter in my life. However, after been given this butter by my mum i've found it perfect for using on my face every night and on my hands as it states. The butter is quite thick as it's concentrated by this makes it perfect for my dry skin!

I bought this tan recently from Superdrug when it was on offer. Well actually, what I mean is, I went specifically into my town centre for this tan. I love this tan. I've used St. Moriz, Johnsons, Rimmel and other gradual and pure fake tan's but I always come back to this one. It's deliciously moisturizing  creates a lovely tan and doesn't streak. I even love the smell which doesn't smell like fake tan, but does have its own unique smell. I used this tan daily for 3 weeks before my high school prom (3 years ago) and received so many compliments about my tan and how 'natural' it looked. If you're unsure about which tan to buy, or change to, Dove has definitely been voted the UK's favourite for a reason!

Underwear- Matalan & George @ ASDA
I went a liiitttle bit underwear crazy last week and got myself well and truly stocked up! The bra's are a mix of George (the patterned one at the back and the blue zig zag two pack) and Matalan (the rest inc. pants) and they were all between £6-£8 with the two pack from ASDA coming in at £9. They're all such good quality for such a low price and I believe there's nothing better than buying new underwear to make yourself feel better!

Queenie the KA
Everyone meet my newest family member! I've been learning to drive on and off for about 2 years and after recently throwing myself back into lessons and booking my theory I decided the next step was to get myself an incentive to pass- so here she is! I've really struggled with learning to drive. I'm impatient and find it quite boring and expensive the thought of being able to drive myself around in Queenie and not be stuck waiting for unreliable buses is definitely giving me the push I need!

Have you found any month favourites? I'd love to hear about them!

G xxx


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