Sue Moxley- 'Famous' Palette Review

Today's post is going to be another beauty review- i'm trying to branch out in terms of my blogging capabilities and not just blog about fashion all the time, no matter how tempting that is! I was given these two Sue Moxley palettes by a friend of my mum's who managed to get them via her job in advertising (which explains the 'tester' stickers on them) so although I didn't pay for them, I wasn't given them to reivew or anything like that.

First up, i've seen so many positive reviews of these products I actually considered not writing my review because, on contary, I really really do not like these products. They remind me of the Benefit palletes in terms of colours- Shooting Star is very 'smokey eyes' and Cafe Culture is similar to my beloved Big Beautiful Eyes but for me, thats where the similarities end. I have to agree with other posts that say these palette's are incredibly pigmented. The colours are so strong and you have to be very careful when applying because one swipe equals a lot of product on the eyes. I prefer an eye product I can build up gradually- like Benefit- to vary the depth of the colour whereas I found these palettes went on strong and that was that. Then, once they were applied, I found them difficult to blend together and definitely not ideal for a sutble day time look. 

Also, i'm not sure how to word this, but the eyeshadow sort of melted? I found after a meal out, when I used the Shooting Stars kit, the black eyeshadow was all underneath my eyes and on my cheeks. This was not what I wanted or expected and I was seriously dissapointed. I hardly use any eyeshadow so I know it wasn't because I used too much and I had used SDS (see review here) so I could not understand why this was. I'm not sure I was using the eyeshadows wrong (if thats possible!), if the eyeshadows just didn't work for me or if i'm simply too much of a Benefit girl now and rate all products against their high standard. Whatever it was, I won't be reperchasing these products and wouldnt recommend them. 

'Shooting Star'

'Cafe Culture'

Have you tried the Sue Moxley pallettes? What did you think? 

G xx


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