What's In My Makeup Bag?

Hi world!
Today's post is going to be: 'What's In My Makeup Bag'
I have a few haul posts (my 'spending ban' is clearly going well!) coming up but i've been wanting to do a Makeup Bag post for ages so I finally got around to posting mine!

The Bag:

This is my 'travel' makeup bag. I have a love heart shaped wicker box from Matalan (for some reason my laptop wouldn't upload the image) and a plain white plastic box full of makeup but this cute 'POREfessional' Benefit bag is roomy and the stripes are so cute!

The Prep:

I then prep with the moisturizing prep then Triple Performance Facial Emulsion from Benefit's  b.right Radiant Skincare range (from this kit!). The products are light enough to use daily which I love. 

The Everyday: 

From left:
No7. 'Stay Perfect' Foundation (review here), Benefit's The POREfessionalLUSH's Light Pink Colour Supplement (used as base/primer), Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes (used for my eyebrows I couldn't find a post mentioning them but I'm sure I have done!), Benefit's Brow Zings KitThe Body Shop's Born Lippy Strawberry Lip BalmKate Mos Rimmel Lipstick (Shade 101) (review here), Benefit's go tropiCORAL kit (only the tropi-podwer) (review here), Benefit's BADgal Mascara (my favourite mascara in the world!), Lipsmackers Cherry Coca Cola (nb: I bought this for £1 in primark. obviously Primark don't have a website so I had to make do!)

The Less Used:

I'm actually amazed by how much make up I wear daily (8 items if I include my moisturizer and a concealer & powder) and might have to consider cutting down! Have you done your own WIMMB post? Do you love any of my featured products? 

G xxx


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