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Another life style post from me, a little bit different from normal..
When I dropped out of university last October I did it because I firmly knew I had made the wrong choice and also, because I thought I knew what I wanted to do instead. Now, though, I find myself wondering, would I have so firmly dropped out if I knew, six months later, I would still be working part time in a clothes shop and trying to decide what to do with my life? I honestly cannot give myself a straight answer.

I dropped out with plans to reenroll at a university closer to home and study journalism. This fell through. I was stuck between wanting to persue a career in fashion or journalism with no alternatives and when I looked at the journalism courses, they just weren't me. My dream job would be to be the Style Editor for Heat magazine. I love their informal style of writing, the cheekiness of the magazine and the fact fashion isn't taken too seriously. I struggle to see fashion as anything other than fun. I think seasons and trends should be taken however you want, not how a high brow magazine tells you and yes, you can get low budget fashion. Because us girls whose budgets don't stretch to Armani can still know our fashion. I didn't want to study journalism and be told how to write. I am confident in my writing style and would fight anyone that tried to change it plus once I looked into things like broaadsheet journalism, journalism laws and lots of other serious and very un-me things I knew I would struggle to be myself on this course. Imagine being interogated by a well respected, serious journalism and announcing that I want to work at Heat magazine while my fellow students dreamed of the Telegraph and other high brow outlets. I know this is probably my paranoia and I would have loved the chance to expand my journalism knowledge but it just didn't appeal to me.

So now, six months after leaving Lincoln, I find myself determined to move on. I considered going into retail- managment, styling, personal shopping, etc and as much as I would love to do this for a living, I don't know if it would give me the same satifation that having my article published in a magazine would. I dream of being on the back page in Look Magazinewhere they showcase all sorts of people in fashion, including journalists. (If you've never seen it, it's looks like this):

and doing something i'd enjoy whilst making my family hopefully super proud. 
I seem to have developed a new, more fierce determination to suceed and as the most stubborn and head strong person I know, i'm hoping this can only be a good thing. I don't often share my inner most thoughts on my blog, prefering to keep it quite light but I know a lot of bloggers do this in the hope that it will become experience for a future career in journalism and I felt like sharing my story. Dropping out of uni wasn't easy and I completely don't expect finding a job in fashion journalism to be either but while I have my determination, the support of my wonderful family and a goal in mind, i'm hoping i'll be able to suceed. I have my sights fixed on being a fashion journalism and watch out Heat magazine because i'm coming for you! 
Follow your dreams, world. Life's too short!

G xxx


  1. Uni definitely isn't for everyone and it's great that you're confident in yourself and have ambition and drive. Good luck with your quest :)

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


  2. Thank you so much! It was so difficult to actually write down how I was feeling haha. Thank you!

    G xxx


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