Birthday weekend's in Birmingham...

Hi everyone! Last November I posted about a lovely weekend I spent in Birmingham (here ): it's my boyfriends university city and due to our long distance relationship and my love of shopping, Selfridges and cities, it's undoubtedly become one of my favourite places in the world. I'm currently feeling very nostalgic as my boyfriend has gone home for summer and I had such a wonderful birthday so decided to write about it!

-Cosmopolitan Pitchers, my favourite!-

-A light up ring courtesy of 'Walkabout'-

-'David Beckham' borrowing my favourite magazine!

-Sam at M&M World (not worth the hype!)

-Sunny Selfies on our anniversary at Trafalgar Square-

-Some of my fab birthday presents: Beyonce and Katy Perry perfumes, 'Pink Sands' and 'Strawberry Buttercream' Yankee Candles, Dove gradual tan (review here) and a very 'me' notebook, perfect for my list writing!

- Holiday time! I'll be jetting off to Tenerife on Monday so i'll be away for a couple of weeks!-

 I had an amazing week: from sunbathing in Birmingham to wandering around London on our second anniversary and spending my birthday eating too much food at the seaside I had one of those weeks where I completely relaxed and felt content as well as enjoying the unexpected, beautiful weather.
How did you celebrate the sunshine? Anyone else hitting Tenerife for their holidays? I always love hearing from you!

G xx


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