Body Shop Haul

Hi everyone, sorry for being so absent for so long, i've been having a lot of technical issues with my laptop and also a birthday! I was spoilt rotten on my birthday and received an amazing amount of Body Shop goodies both from my family and with a gift voucher so I decided to pile them all together and make a haul!

1. Cocoa Butter Shower Gel x 2:
I'm in love with this shower gel! As a sensitive skinned girl I struggle to find shower gels that are hydrating and suitable for my skin and this is perfect for me. I use the shower gel then smother myself in the cocoa butter... as you can tell i'm a bit obsessed.. 

2. Shea Butter Shower Gel:
My mum got me this with the cocoa butter as she thought 3 bottles of cocoa butter was probably a bit much! I used the Shea Butter as soon as I got it, suspiciously sniffing it to see if it compared to the Cocoa. The texture and hydration is exactly the same but there's a less intense smell which makes it ideal for men, children and as the base for a strong perfume!

3. Cocoa Butter Body Scrub:
This was a new product for me as I tend to use a mix of the Body Shop's Strawberry Polish and Lush's Ocean Salt (which is a face mask but is so good at exfoliating it works all over!) but I really like the cocoa butter scrub. Less abrasive than Ocean Salt but more exfoliating than the polish.. plus when I use the shower gel, scrub and body butter I smell very cocoa-y and hopefully yummy!

4. Cocoa Butter Lip Butter:
I promise this is the end of the Cocoa Butter goodies! Between my mummy and sister I was amazingly stocked up and it is my favourite smell so I think it's allowed! The lip butter is lovely: it's incredibly soft and makes my lips taste like chocolate which is just fab. More nourishing and less sticky than the Get Lippy balm, it's been in my pocket and on my lips since my birthday!

5. 'Indian Night Jasmine' Fragrance Mist:
If you're like me and haven't really been in the Body Shop since their over haul on their packaging (Essie from EssieButton raised the issue of the new packaging/design in her Body Shop Haul video!) you'll find the perfumes very confusing. I went in looking for Neroli Jasmine. Could I find it? No I couldn't. There are endless new fragrances that confused me in my quest for Jasmine. I ended up asking a member of staff who helpfully told me the 'Indian Night Jasmine' is just Neroli with another name. I was stuck between the oil (such a good idea!) and the mist. I ended up going for the mist for a fresher more holiday appropriate perfume but can't wait to try the oil!

6. Coconut Beautifying Oil:
You can read my review of this oil here to see what I thought!

I bought myself the Oil and Fragrance mist, as well as a lip balm set and another oil for my sister, and with the in store 3-for-2 offers plus my £5 off birthday voucher and a £5 off loyalty voucher (perks of the Body Shop card!) I ended up paying £12 for goodies which should of cost me over £30. Bargain of the century! The best thing about The Body Shop is there are always deals and offers and the cards are so worth getting for even more deals!

Have you had any bargains from the Body Shop recently?
G xx


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