The Body Shop's 'Beautifying Oil'- Review.

 Beautifying Oil- £9- The Body Shop

The Body Shop have recently brought out some new products and the 'Beautifying Oils' were the ones that caught my eye; oil's have been everywhere this year.  
As a blogger on a budget, The Body Shop's Oil's aren't exactly cheap at £9 a bottle, but you get a lot of product for your money. Some bottles of Moroccan Oil I saw online were half the size and the same price. Plus, The Body Shop always have offers and sales on: at the minute they have an in store 3 for 2 as well as free delivery on orders over £20 online. I really like that the oils come in a range of the familiar Body Shop scents: I tried out the Cocoa Oil but the Coconut, with it's suncream-y smell, won my heart and I also bought the Strawberry one for my sister so there is literally something for everyone- oil doesn't have to just be oil! In terms of the actual product, I really really like it. The oil's advertisement is: 'beautifying oils for your face and body or soften your hair with a few drops' I've been using it on my sensitive, dry skin and it absorbs like a dream. I sleep with the oil on my face and wake up with soft, non greasy skin. I also used the oil on the ends of my hair as a leave in conditioner and it left my hair so shiny and soft! I have frizzy, thick, curly long hair so anything that can tame my locks is an instant winner in my eyes. I can't wait to use the oil on my body, although I am really conscious of using the oil too quickly so I might stick to using it on my face and hair and stick to moisturizers on my body. Over all, I would definitely recommend these oils. I love them because they smell incredible, they (most importantly) work and they're currently on offer in store so you can stock up to your hearts content (like I did... haul to come in a seperate post!) what other excuse could you need?

Have you tried the Body Shop 'beautifying' Oils? Did you love them as much as I do?

G xx


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