Benefit Lipstick Review- 'Lady's Choice'

Another day, another lipstick review...
The majority of my beauty reviews seem to be based on lipsticks but they are honestly my only beauty weakness. I see the majority of make up as a bit of a chore when it comes to putting it on myself but lipsticks are the one beauty essential i'm totally obsessed with. 

Today's lipstick is one i've actually had for a while. I was given it to me by my mummy who is also a bit of a lipstick magpie and whose make up bag I frequently raid. It's a benefit one called 'Lady's Choice' and you can find it here for £7 which for Benefit, is beyond a bargain. Online this is advertised as a 'nude' and on me it is nude but it's definitely a brown based nude instead of the usual pink base.

I really love this lipstick. I'd actually forgotten how much until I wrote this post so i'll definitely have to dig it out again. The lipstick, compared to a lot (including my Topshop and Kate Moss/Rimmel ones) is really hydrating and glossy. This is the only lipstick I have that I have to wear a lip liner with as if not, it bleeds and I end up with it all over my lips and around my mouth. However, a little bit of lip liner fixes this and otherwise, I have no complaints. I do struggle with the shade because, like i've said, it's brown based which isn't very flattering and can make my teeth and skin tone look duller but the shade is really nice on, very different to my usual bright pink, so I cope with the duller skin tone. 

All in all, I really love this lipstick. It's so glossy and as these lipsticks are currently half price on the Benefit website, i'll definitely consider buying a few more... although of course, i'll have to buy a matching lip-liner! I actually prefer this Benefit lipstick to my MAC one and although they're normally the same price, Benefit's are now half price (£7) so they're even more appealing! £14 (or £7!) for such a long lasting, hydrating lipstick is good enough for me. Benefit, you've succeeded again!
Have you got any Benefit lipsticks? Do you love them as much as me? 

G xxx


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