French Connection eBay Sale! - UPDATED

Up until yesterday I didn't know there was a HUGE French Connection sale happening on eBay (I know, where have I been?!) but it's definitely worth a look. There are some incredible pieces and even more incredible savings to be had! Here's my pick...

'Carlotta' Dress- £28 (Was £110)

Embellished Shift Dress- £20 (Was £100)

Taupe Satin Dress- £39 (Was £160!!)

Jumpsuit- £39 (Was £97)

As i'm sure you'll agree, these are some crazy prices. All of these pieces are pieces I really, genuinely love for reasonable prices- especially for such a high end brand. I was lusting over the embellished shift dress which I fell head over heels for and actually ended up ordering it after I first posted this piece (oops!) but who can resist an embellished bargain? Certainly not me. I'm so excited for it to arrive already and although I had to go for a size '8-9' (so strange!) i'm hoping everything will be ok with the dress and that it'll fit me perfectly.. fingers crossed!

Have you picked up any bargains on eBay? Any buys from the French Connection eBay sale?
I'd love to hear from you, as always!

G xxx


  1. Oooh your picks are just so lush!
    I love eBay, especially the outlets when you know what you're getting is genuine!
    Got my brother a gorgeous pair of jeans for a tenner of this outlet!

    Kelly ||


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