June Haul- With A Vintage Twist!

A while ago I wrote a post entitled 'Reinvention' and in it I mentioned clothes swapping with your mum and hunting for old vintage gems. I spent a Saturday night the other weekend sorting out our attic with my mummy and was rewarded with exactly the vintage goodies I was talking about!

- Vintage Baroque Champagne coloured dress':
I'm head over heels for this dress: I love the colour, the pattern and the slightly risque thigh split. The material's really thick and feels a good quality. The dress fits like a glove and it's maddening to think something almost 20 years old is still so on trend! 

-Vintage Topshop Black Skater Skirt Collared Dress-
Vintage Topshop. Enough said for me, personally! I'm eternally grateful that my mummy was my age in the nineties so all the clothes she wore then are on trend for me now! This dress is unbelievably tight and tiny, I can't believe anyone could ever be this skinny! It's a lycra material and apparently a size 8 (I think it's more like a 4!) and it hangs in my wardrobe as a motivation to be a skinny minny!

-Vintage Black Maxi Dress-
Probably my favourite thing I found, this maxi dress is skin tight, one shouldered and has another risque thigh split! Can you see a theme?! This dress reminds me of the Rihanna for River Island clothing, although luckily for me, this was completely free! I wore this dress for my birthday, a shopping trip and also wore it to the airport for a chilled out, comfy but stylish look! It's a strange knitted material but so comfy and flattering! It recieves compliments whenever I wear it and happily it's the only maxi dress that doesn't drown me!

-The thigh spilt!-
Probably not for the faint hearted but for me, it just breaks up the flow of heavy material. 

Of course there were some less desirable 90's clothes... including a sequinned crop top and flared trouser suit which induced tears of laughter when I tried it on and another fetching crop top/ trouser suit in lime green (!) but digging around was definitely worth it for these one off, beautiful pieces! 
What are your favourite vintage pieces? Have you inherited any from your mum that you love?

G xx


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