Summer Bags: My Pick

In my family i'm known as 'The bag lady'.
It's harsh but true: I live and dream bags. Handbags, clutch bags, holdalls, satchels even purses... the list goes on. Every season is defined by bags- beach bags for the summer and leather satchels for autumn (school memories!). Every time I visit Selfridges in Birmingham I drag my long suffering boyfriend around the huge bag section going 'I like that one, I like that one... ooo I love that one!' and prancing around the Mulberry section wishing I had the money to buy them all (one day!).

Anyway, I digress.
These are a pick of my favourite summer bags that i'll be using hopefully all summer long!

The 'day bag':
Black Fringed Bag- H&M:
At first I thought this bag would be too formal to use constantly but the simple colour means it goes with everything and the simple gold chain strap adds another dimension to any outfit. The chain can also be tucked into the bag to make a gorgeous, unique clutch. It's the perfect 'daytime' summer bag- just enough room for all the essentials and the perfect accessory for any outfit!

The 'purse-clutch':
Mock Snakeskin Purse- Internationale:
I bought this purse to replace my worn out blue River Island purse. I don't like the recent craze of having an extra clip fastened section at the back of the purse (like this one) so when I saw this simple, expensive looking purse for a bargain £4.99, I knew it was time to upgrade. The purse is neutral so goes with everything and could be used as a clutch on my upcoming holiday when I only need to carry the essentials (euros and some I.D!) around on a night!

The 'hand luggage':
The world's biggest handbag- River Island:
This bag was one of those 'it's so impractical but i'm so in love with it' sporadic purchases. It's absolutely huge! It's at least double the size of a normal handbag but for me it'll be a weekend/ hand luggage bag for all my summer trips and possibly my beach bag too as I hate material/straw bags! I have considered using it as a handbag as I love it so much but it might swamp me a little bit too much!

So there's my pick of my favourite handbags for the upcoming summer season. I love them all for varying reasons and can't wait to incorporate them into my every day wardrobe. Have you got any summer favourite bags? Any styles I should check out?

G xx

**disclaimer: I own all of these bags and this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to do something different with my increasing bag collection and get excited about summer!**


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