Sundown Adventure Park- Not Just For Kids!

A couple of weekends ago, my mummy and I took my niece, Libby, to 'Sundown Adventure Land' which advertises itself as 'The theme park exclusively designed for the under 10's'. The weather was absolutely beautiful but we didn't fancy queuing in endless traffic to get the seaside so we packed up a picnic and went on an adventure!

Sundown is just outside of Sheffield and if you're in your late teens like me, you might remember it from when you were little. I was shocked to see rides I had been on when I was little were still there, although of course, updated. There was even still a 'wild west' section that I remember loving when I was small. Libby was a big fan of the fairy-tale land (which admittedly so were me and my mummy!) which has little houses set in the scenes of famous fairy-tales and even a little yellow brick road with the Wizard of OZ characters dotted around. It's honestly such a wonderful place: full of play areas and pirate ships and castles so it really lets children's imaginations run riot. We had a glorious day in the sun but, as there seems to be an extensive Christmas 'land', I can imagine its just as entertaining in the winter! 

Libby-Rose and I in front of a giant story book in (where else) fairy-tale land!


Mummy and I squniting in the sun. As you can tell from our smiles, we love Sundown too!

Fairy-tale land.

Libby entering the gingerbread house!

I seem to have only pictures in fairytale land but we also enjoyed the sweet kingdom and the water ride had Libby in hysterics laughing at me trying to protect my eyebrows from being squirted by pirates. On a fashion note, my playsuit is from George @ ASDA, my mums aztec midi dress is from Dorothy Perkins and Libby the mini fashionista is rocking a floral Next outfit, complete with the cutest matching sun hat. 
We had a fab day in the sun and although this post is a bit different from my usual reviews and hauls, it's good to shake it up!
Have you ever been to Sundown? 

G xxx


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