They're Real! Benefit Mascara Review

Hi again everyone! After my slight variation to the norm in my last post (you can find it here) i'm back to my usual posts.

I bought Benefit's 'They're Real!' Mascara before my holiday in duty free. I paid £16 for it (you can find it here for £19.50) so I didn't exactly get the bargain of the century but it was good enough for me. I bought the mascara because as a Benefit fan, i've been dying to try it since it came out but couldn't justify the price. However, I realized in the airport i'd forgotten to bring my favourite mascara (Benefit's 'Bad Gal'), which had almost ran out anyway, so purchased this as a replacement.

I was so eager to love this mascara, I really was, but, as is the case when a product has a crazy hype, I really didn't. It has rave reviews and it's from my favourite brand but for me, it just doesn't work. The brush is average and seems to clump quite quickly at the top. The actual mascara on makes my eyelashes stick together and feel really brittle. It's not waterproof but an absolute pain to get off, which in my opinion is the worst combination. It does gives all the lashes a good coverage, it seems to make them clump together and doesn't make them look as thick as they could be. I'm naturally blessed with long, thick lashes and I bought 'They're Real!' because I thought it would enhance what i've got, however with it making my lashes stick together (I have a serious problem with this, as you can probably tell!) and making the rest of them look really spidery, it feels like my lashes go from thick to sparse which isn't ideal. 

Bare lashes

With 'They're Real!'

Left eye: They're Real
Right eye: Au Natural

As you can see from the pictures, They're Real! does work as a fairly decent mascara but unfortunately for me, not as well as expected and at the cost of my nice feeling, full set of eyelashes. I think i'll be sticking to Bad Gal to keep my lashes feeling natural and healthy and maybe keep They're Real for special occasions. 

What do you think? Have you bought, and loved They're Real! or am I not alone in being disappointed  I'd love to hear from you, as always!

G xxx


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