Topshop 'Charmed' Lipstick ~ Review

It's terrible I know, but this is a review of my first ever Topshop lipstick... what took me so long?! I have no idea why i've previously never bought Topshop's lipsticks, i've browsed through them both online and in store plenty of times but never got round to buying one until a couple of weeks ago when Charmed stole my heart.

Charmed when swatched, and on the colour bit on the bottom of the tube (is there a technical name for this? There should be), looks like a fairly simple light pink/coral colour. As in, you can tell it's coral inspired but it isn't dramatic. Very girly, very bright and fairly warm toned. However, once on it transforms into the most beautiful coral shade possible. I've been hunting down the perfect coral lipstick for ages but couldn't find any that weren't orange based so imagine my delight when Charmed turned out to be the most perfect pink based coral! The colour is bright and ideal for summer. It goes with my usual neutral eye makeup and goes with most outfits due to the pinky-coral hues it has. I'm currently wearing a blue dress and Charmed so it's very versatile. My mum also says it brings out the blue of my eyes but i'll let you be the judge of that because I think that's just a 'mum' thing to say.

 My only criticism of the lipstick is the texture; it's very similar to my favourite Kate Moss/Rimmell lipstick (review here) in that its quite matte and clings to the lips. Not ideal if you suffer dry lips but it does mean the colour really packs a punch. I also don't think Topshop's lipsticks on match the colour on the bottom of the tube amazingly well which is a bit deceiving  but it isn't dramatic and obviously different lip/skin tones are mostly responsible for this colour difference.

All in all, i'm seriously impressed with Charmed and can't wait to purchase another (probably pink) Topshop lipstick! What do you reckon? Are Topshop lipsticks any good?

G xxx


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